Yellow – the happy colour

Mellow Yellow

Growing up, I HATED the colour yellow. I’ve always loved more cool-toned shades – pinks, blues and purples – so yellow has always been the polar-opposite of what I naturally reach for. But as I’ve grown older, and wiser, I’ve found myself lusting after rich gold tones, pastel yellows and vibrant sunflower hues. 

Honestly, if you had looked in my wardrobe even a year ago, you wouldn’t have found even a centimetre of yellow but now I have a few key pieces in the sunshine shade and, weirdly enough, I feel like it’s had such a positive effect on my mood.

AlbertineSarah sunflower yellow

A history of yellow

Psychologically, yellow is a very emotional colour. Where red is a physical, strong colour, yellow tends to have a positive impact on our emotions and seeing the colour can incite feelings of confidence, higher self-esteem and creativity. 

There’s no denying that having a vase of sunflowers in my living room has perked up my mood. In fact, they even inspired this makeup look I’m wearing which is literally just yellow-on-yellow-on-yellow! I normally wouldn’t have thought that this is something I could pull off, but treating myself to a bunch of sunflowers had me longing to create something new and fun so here’s what we ended up with!

Sunflower photoshoot London

Three ways to add more yellow to your life

  • Flowers – Just in general, I find having fresh flowers in my living room really lifts my mood, and treating myself to a bunch of sunflowers when they’re in season always leaves me feeling really positive and inspired!
  • Home interiors – Why not opt for yellow decorative cushions, or a yellow set of bedding? I find both of these are great ways to add some colour to your living space without it dominating, and if you feel like you want a change you can just change out the cushion overs, or bedding, for a different colour of something more neutral.
  • Bath bombs – Is there anything better than sinking into a bath you’ve just popped a bath bomb into? Obviously, LUSH kills it when it comes to bath products, and I tend to opt for the yellow ones to lift my mood.