Autumn skincare: a clay mask and a sugar scrub

Autumn skincare update
autumn skincare edit

An autumn skincare update

As the weather changes, I inevitably find myself switching up the products I’m using on my skin. While I like to keep my routine minimal in summer, I do find myself bringing on the skincare big guns for autumn as winter as the sudden variations between harsh winds, sun, rain and cold can throw my skin into meltdown.

A couple of things that become more prominent in my autumn/winter skincare routine are a good face scrub and a clay mask. I find a good face scrub helps to gently buff away dead skin cells while clay masks can be perfect for detoxing the skin and brightening it.

So it’s no surprise that my two most recent skincare additions fit into those categories, and I’m very much looking forward to using them to keep dull breakout-prone skin at bay.

Fresh sugar face polish

Fresh sugar face polish

I’ve heard really good things about this, and as it has a similar consistency to the L’Oreal sugar scrub I am very close to finishing up I’m hoping it will have the same results. This has a gorgeous rose jam scent to it that makes me instantly want to slather it all over my face.

The formula includes brown sugar and wild strawberries (which explains the delicious scent!) and claims to leave skin feeling smooth and velvety. 

Emma Hardie Detox clay mask

Emma Hardie purifying detox clay mask

I’ve tested this out and can confirm that it’s truly a delight to use on your skin! You may experience a slight burning sensation straight after applying, but that clears up pretty quickly and once you remove it you’re left with super soft skin that is noticeably more perky looking. 

I’ll be using this once a week through the colder months to keep my skin looking its best!