Falling in love with London Bridge

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London Bridge flower stall

London Bridge

When I think of London Bridge, the first thing that comes to mind is Fergie’s famous song (let’s not get into the fact that it’s clearly Tower Bridge in the backdrop of her video…) but the second is how quickly this little slice of London has become home to me. 

While the obvious attractions of the area are the Shard and Borough Market, there’s so much more to London Bridge and within a five minute walking radius you can find the most gorgeous flower stalls, views of London’s gorgeous skyline and independent coffee shops that you just have to visit. While exploring the area is easy for me (Bermondsey Street is just a ten minute walk from my office and home), if you’re just visiting London I highly recommend setting up camp at one of the hotels near London Bridge so you can spend lots of time exploring the area. 

So, as your local London Bridge gal, here’s a couple of spots I think are worth paying a visit to while you’re in the area.  

Bermondsey Street flower stall

Bermondsey Street

From Fuckoffee (I mean, honestly, how did they get away with that name?!) to Village East, Bermondsey Street is a brilliant area to explore for food and drink. I love the aesthetic of the cafes and restaurants along this strip, and special mention goes to the New York vibes that Village East has (as well as the excellent brunches they serve). This road is always busy, and in summer you’ll often find people spilling out of the bars and pubs onto the street which makes for a lively, bustling atmosphere that I love. 

The other thing I love is the flower stall on the corner of Tanner Street. They always have gorgeous blooms in stock and it takes practically all of my willpower to avoid splurging on giant bouquets!

Tanner Street Bermondsey

Hay’s Galleria

If views of the Thames while you sip on coffee is more of your vibe, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to Hay’s Galleria. This building really reminds me of Covent Garden, and inside you’ll find lots of restaurants and cafes where you can take a break from the busier areas of London Bridge. Personally, I like to sit outside the Cote in Hay’s Galleria and watch the world go by with a view of the river. 

Once you’re done with your coffee you can also take a stroll along the river, and within five minutes you’ll find yourself with amazing views of Tower Bridge. 

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Borough market (and other tourist traps)

Of course, I couldn’t write a blog  post about London Bridge without mentioning the tourist traps, and how best to enjoy them! My main advice for Borough Market is to go at off peak times. Check that there’s no festivals on when you’re planning to visit, and try to avoid visiting outside of office hours or during lunchtime. My personal favourites are WokIt (they do amazing pots of noodles) and La Tua Pasta for food, and if you want an amazing view of St Pauls I would recommend stopping for a drink at Anchor Bankside!

In terms of the Shard…I have to admit…I’ve never been in! But if panoramic views of London are your thing, I would recommend checking it out, and booking in at a restaurant there. Just be prepared to pay through the nose for it!