Inside the Latest In Beauty advent calendar

Latest In Beauty advent calendar
Inside Latest In Beauty advent calendar

The Beauty advent calendar 

Over the past few years the beauty advent calendar has surged in popularity. So much so that the market is kind of oversaturated and choosing one for yourself can be a bit, well, overwhelming. I’ve never taken the plunge and bought one for myself, but this year I was seriously tempted because there are some brilliant ones of offer!

Luckily for me, Latest In Beauty were kind enough to send their version my way so I could try it out for myself. This calendar is one of the more reasonably priced ones, at £60, and while that may be a bit of a splurge for most of us the contents inside are worth £255 so it really is a steal.

Compared to others, this sits slap bang in the middle of price points (you’ll find some for just £25 and some that go all the way up to an eye-watering £320) and as this one includes products from a variety of makeup, nail, skincare and haircare brands you’re more likely to finish the calendar with a nice little collection of products that you can test out throughout December.

mini products Molton Brown
Molton Brown shower gel miniature

What’s included in the Latest In Beauty advent calendar?

Ok so let’s get into the important stuff about this advent calendar, the products included in them. Some of them are actually full size, which is great, and the minis that are included are generous so you definitely don’t feel short changed. The products are as follows:

As you can see there’s a lot of variety in products there, and I’m looking forward to testing them all out myself!

I would love to know if you guys are going to be treating yourselves to a beauty advent calendar this December, if so which one?