A spray tan spot in the heart of Soho

Cucumba salon spray tans

Ok confession time, until just over a week ago I had never had a spray tan done. So when I was given the opportunity to test out the spray tans at Cucumba, I just had to say yes! I’ve been a fan of fake tanning for a while now, and while I enjoy using mousses myself, opting for a spray tan instead means I don’t have to spend my evenings furiously buffing tan into my limbs and hoping for the best, most even tan. 

So, I rocked up to the Cucumba salon last week not really knowing what to expect. Spoiler: it was a really brilliant experience and I will definitely be returning when I have special events coming up that I want to look my best for!

Medium Norvell spray tan

The spray tan experience

After filling out a new client form I was shown to a tanning room and stripped down, donning a VERY flattering hair cap, paper knickers and sticky pads for my feet to ensure my soles didn’t end up saturated in tan. I’m sorry for putting that image in your head, but it was pretty funny and I felt like a total tit. Anyways, the actual spray tan itself was a fairly mundane experience. The spray was a bit cold, but nothing too unbearable, and after 5-10 minutes of pulling different poses to ensure the colour would be even, we were done. 

I then spent the next ten minutes waiting for it to dry (while scrolling through Insta for a bit of light entertainment). I tend got dressed in the various layers I was wearing and headed home…

AlbertineSarah Norvell tan

The post-tan aftermath

My main worry was that the colour wouldn’t be even. As we’re midway through autumn, I was wearing trainers, a dress, jumper and coat when i went to the salon and I worried putting these layers back on after the spray tan might smudge it or ruin the effect slightly. Luckily, I had nothing to worry about and once I rinsed off the next morning I was left with the most beautiful, natural looking tan. I was seriously impressed with the colour and have been even more impressed with how natural the fade has been over the days following the tan. 

So, would I return to Cucumba for another spray tan? Definitely! 

I really enjoyed my experience, and as spray tans are £30 per session, I think they’re perfectly priced for a quick treatment before a big event or wedding.