Why you need the Belle Jorden x Obsession collection

Obsession Belle Jorden collaboration

Why I love Obsession makeup

So, over the past few months I’ve picked up a few Obsession products, and as I have added them to my (forever growing) makeup collection I have found them quickly becoming staples of my everyday makeup routine. One particular favourite is the Love Every Shade palette that contains a perfect combination of neutral matte shades and warm metallic shades. 

I’m always impressed by the pigmentation of Obsession products, and so when I saw they had launched a whole load of new products, I could not stop myself from treating myself to some of them.

I was immediately drawn to the Belle Jorden collaboration. I’ve never seen her content before, but after watching videos of the palette and lip glosses I just knew they had to be mine because they are so gorgeous. 

So today, after using them a few times, I thought I would share my opinions on the products (spoiler alert, I really like them) and why you really need to get yourself some Obsession products!

Obsession Belle Jorden eyeshadow
Belle Jorden eyeshadow swatches

The Belle Jorden eyeshadow palette

As you can see, the majority of this palette consists or burgundies, pinks, reds and nudes. There are some outliers from that – a super sparkly dirty gold, warm orange and icy lilac – and within this palette you can create a large variation of looks. I’ve been able to use it for more subtle neutral looks, warm pinky-red looks and more colourful ones with a pop of lilac (which is above).

I love how easy these shadows are to work with, and how well they blend. They’re just a dream to work with and so pigmented you really don’t have to layer them up too much for a really striking finish. 

This palette contains 16 shades and is just £10, which means you’re paying just under 63p per shadow, which is amazing value!

Obsession Belle Jorden lipgloss set
Obsession Belle Jorden Wishes liquid lipstick

The Belle Jorden lipgloss set

Now, although this set is marketed as a ‘lipgloss set’ it’s actually comprised of two liquid matte lipsticks and one gloss (which I prefer because matte lips tend to stay put for longer). The three lip products are as follows:

As you can see, these lip products are all varying shades of nude, and Wishes is my favourite because of the peachy tones to it. These are impressively pigmented and you only really need one swipe for a fully opaque finish. 

This set is jus £6, so £2 per lip product which is such a steal because I’m sure these will last at least 12 months (at which point you should probs throw them out because, ya know, hygiene). 

So that’s my thoughts on the Belle Jorden collection, after buying these myself I was actually lucky enough to be sent a few more products from the collection so next week I’ll delve into those and let you know my thoughts!