Jewellery to treat yourself to this Black Friday

Jewellerybox Black Friday

Black Friday with Jewellerybox

Tomorrow marks one of the biggest shopping events in the year – the Black Friday sales. While, this used to be a US tradition (following Thanksgiving on the Thursday), it’s more recently become something we also partake in here in the UK. 

While you won’t find me wrestling a balding man for a flat screen TV in ASDA, you will find me online treating myself to some beauty and jewellery picks (while also scouting out Christmas presents). Luckily for me, jewellerybox have given me a heads up on their Black Friday deals, so I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces from the sale with you today. 

The jewellerybox Black Friday sale runs from the 23-26th November and includes deals of up to 55% off items when you spend £5.

jewellerybox  9ct Gold Bar Stud Earrings

9ct Gold Bar Stud Earrings

These are so delicate, you can just about make them out in this photo, but that’s why I love them. While I do like the occasional statement earring, for daily wear I prefer simple, delicate earrings like these ones.

I tend to prefer gold to silver when it comes to my jewellery, and as the majority of necklaces and bracelets I have are gold (or rose gold) I know these will go with lots of my other pieces!

RRP £20 – £10.80 in the Black Friday sale

L'Oreal Stripped Brown lipstick
Jewellerybox small Sterling Silver Shooting Stars Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Shooting Stars Stud Earrings

As I mentioned above, I don’t tend to wear silver jewellery, but these were just so pretty (and festive) I could not resist adding them to my collection. 

Again, I love that these are a fairly simple design, and small enough to be subtle but eye-catching, as it means they can be worn for a variety of occasions. 

RRP £5.95 – £3.25 in the Black Friday sale

jewellery Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Wing Necklace
jewellerybox wing necklace

Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Wing Necklace

When it comes to necklaces, I like ones that I can layer with others quite easily or just wear alone. This one features a simple wing design and is rose gold. 

I have a few other rose gold necklaces, so I’ll most likely be wearing this one layered with them for a more intricate look.

RRP £12.05 – £6.40 in the Black Friday sale