I waited nearly two months for my Kylie Cosmetics order to arrive (was it worth it?)

Kylie Cosmetics Sorta Sweet makeup look
Kylie cosmetics Sorta Sweet bundle

Let’s talk about Kylie Cosmetics

I remember when Kylie Cosmetics first launched, in 2015, and how crazy everyone went over the lip kits. As I’m UK-based, I managed to resist the hype quite successfully (not gonna lie, the horror stories about missing packages, boxes turning up empty and damaged products did put me off ordering) but over the past few months I’ve found myself becoming steadily more tempted by their new launches. 

I think my draw to the brand is for two reasons: YouTube reviews and limited edition collections.

I LOVE watching makeup reviews on YouTube, there’s something so satisfying about watching someone else apply their makeup, and Kylie Cosmetics is frequently featured on some of my favourite channels. Constantly seeing the brand pop up piqued my interest, and seeing how beautifully some of the products swatched meant I frequently found myself browsing the website for some new beauty buys. 

Now, what finally convinced me to bite the bullet and order was the collections (some of them limited edition) that Kylie Cosmetics create. I’m a sucker for good marketing and damn do there guys have it down. I think the packaging for each collection is brilliant and after oohhing and aahhing over her birthday collection the Sorta Sweet bundle caught my eye and before I knew it, it was in my basket and ORDERED.

Sorta Sweet Kylie Jenner makeup look

Kylie Cosmetics shipment to the UK (do I have to pay customs charges?)

Not gonna lie, my Kylie Cosmetics order was a bit of a sh*t show, and the products didn’t arrive with me until nearly TWO MONTHS after I ordered. I was told this was because my parcel ‘missed a scan’ in LA, but once a replacement was sent out it was with me within a week, which was a relief! 

I didn’t have to pay a customs charge, which again was a relief as I was expecting to pay around £16 extra when it arrived. I think whether or not you’re charged is a bit hit and miss, if you really want to avoid a customs charge, I would recommend shopping Colourpop products instead because they promise no charge (their products are also VERY similar to Kylie’s and a fraction of the price…just saying).

Kylie Cosmetics Sorta Sweet eyeshadow look

Kylie Cosmetics Sorta Sweet bundle 

Now into the good stuff – what do I think of the Sorta Sweet bundle?! Yes, it took AGES to arrive but…*spoiler alert* I have to say I really like the products and I’m pleased I spent my money on them. In total the bundle cost me $78 which is roughly £60.

I would estimate that works out at £10 for each of the lip products and then £30 for the palette. There’s nine shades in the palette, so they’re £3.33 each which really isn’t too bad compared to other brands on the market!

Kylie Cosmetics Sorta Sweet palette

The Sorta Sweet palette

The nine shades included in the palette are:

I really like the selection of colours in this palette, and after using it I can confirm the mattes blend beautifully and the shimmers work really well alongside them too. I would say this palette is more for those of us who like a subtle eyeshadow look as the colours aren’t the most blinding or wild that I’ve tried (which definitely isn’t a bad thing).

I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this, especially as it can be used for lots of different looks – definitely one I’ll be taking with me on any long weekends or holidays!

Kylie Cosmetics Sorta Sweet lip bundle

The Sorta Sweet lip trio

I’m a sucker for lip products, so I’m surprised it’s taken me THIS long to get my hands on some Kylie Cosmetics ones! This trio includes a gloss, velvet lipstick and matte lipstick. The packaging feels nice and sturdy and I can see these lasting me for a good while. 

The three colours included are:

Boy Bye is definitely my favourite of the three (it’s what I’m wearing with Glitz layered over the top in these photos)! Glitz is perfect for layering over lipsticks for something more exciting, but I wouldn’t wear it alone as it is quite glittery. 

Maliboo is probably a tad too dark for me on my lips, but I think it will work for a more dramatic makeup look!

Overall, I have to say I really like the products I ordered and I’m sure I will get lots of use out of them. What do you think of Kylie Cosmetics? Will you be ordering anytime soon?