A silver addition to my winter wardrobe

ASOS silver wide leg jumpsuit

A silver jumpsuit for the festive season

There’s two things I associate with December – an abundance of mulled wine and spending hours trying to decide what the f*ck to wear to the various dinners, events and parties I’ve been invited to in the run up to Christmas. Finding that *perfect* outfit can be harder than you would think – personally, I try to go for something that feels special without compromising on comfort (nobody wants to be struggling to breathe while they try to enjoy their food or network!)

So…with that in mind…I think I may have found the perfect outfit for me – a silver jumpsuit (hello comfort) and heel combo that looks gorgeous and doesn’t leave me feeling like my next sip of mulled wine could result in me busting out of my outfit (just IMAGINE). 

The great thing about this particular jumpsuit is the length. I’m not the tallest girl (I’m 5″6) but I do have long legs which means maxi dresses, jumpsuits and trousers can often come up short on me – especially if I decide to wear heels.

As you can see above, this jumpsuit is the perfect length with stiletto heels, which means I don’t have to worry about flashing a bit of scandalous ankle when choosing what shoes to wear with the jumpsuit. 

ASOS DESIGN silver wide leg jumpsuit

What to wear with a silver jumpsuit? 

Well…in this case I’ve gone with a silver pair of heels with glittery gold and silver embellishments that I feel really compliment the jumpsuit. But, if you wanted something that’s easier to walk in, you could go for some kitten heels, or some strappy ones with a chunkier heel that’s easier to walk in.

In terms of keeping warm (because lol NOBODY is going out in this cold in just a sleeveless jumpsuit) I would just layer a long black coat over this to keep it simple and classy. 

I’ve not included a bag with this outfit, but I would go for a small black shoulder bag so the jumpsuit remains the star of the show. 

Have you found your party season outfit?