The London ‘influencer’ scene – can you keep up if you work full-time?

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My London lifestyle – full-time work and creating content

I’ve done a lot of thinking about 2018 over the Christmas holidays, and the one thing that’s really stuck out to me, it’s just how busy my life has become. Juggling my blog, social media and my job has previously been seamless but more recently I’ve felt a bit more unbalanced and every week I find myself having to make tough decisions – Do I want my only free night of the evening to be spent at a noisy cocktail bar with friends? Do I want to venture to Piccadilly Circus for an event I know I probably won’t spend more than 30 minutes at? Should I be more proactive in scheduling in down time each week?

I’ve definitely made wrong decisions about this in the past, and the result has been an over-stretched, over-worked me who feels she is constantly playing catchup. Being in London means I’m at the epicentre of the UK ‘influencer’ scene. The majority of events happen here, and living in the city means it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement and glamour of events – forgetting that we all need a little down time during our week to recover and really enjoy those experiences!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that working full time and creating content can be a bit of a ball ache. You have to be disciplined with how you spend your free time. If I don’t have a dedicated ‘content’ day during the weekend, my blog lacks posts and my Instagram feels a bit threadbare.

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Knowing when to say yes and when to say no

When you’re working full-time, deciding whether or not to rush into Soho for a post-work event can be a tricky decision. Will attending this event put me on the brand’s radar? Would they be a good brand for me to work with in the future? Do they even pay people to create content?

When it comes to deciding what to say yes and no to, I think it’s best to know yourself and how much down time you need to feel fresh and alert for work. Personally, I know that I can do two evenings of my work week out (any more than that, and I begin to feel run down). So, when the event invites come in, I’ll only say yes to two max. If more than two come in that I’m interested in attending, then I start to think about the event itself more – do I prefer this brand to that brand? Which one do I want to work with more? Which event is more likely to be engaging?

The key to managing my London lifestyle is making these decisions – and when I’m really on top of things I feel like my content is great, my relationships with brands are growing and my full-time job isn’t impacted at all.

Of course, sometimes I suffer from major FOMO – having to turn down and epic event because I’ve already said yes to a couple I’m equally excited about will always hurt – but I think it’s better to get the balance right than push myself past my limit just for a few Insta Stories and the potential opportunity to work with a brand.

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2019 – my plan for balancing full-time work and content creation

So, as I’m not planning on going part-time or leaving my job anytime soon, I thought it would be useful to bullet point how I plan to manage it all in the new year so that I can make the most of my London lifestyle:

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