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About a month ago I was given a little demo on some Image skincare products, and since then they’ve been a part of my daily skincare routine. Now, as these products are on the pricier side I wanted to make sure I gave them a real test run so I could be sure that they were worth my recommendation.

Spoiler alert: they 100% are! I was given a couple of the Vital C products to try, as well as the Post-Treatment trial kit and the Ronert MD lip enhancement balm. Each of the products that I’ve tried has been a total dream, and my skin has absolutely loved them. I actually can’t go without using the lip treatment daily and the Vital C mask is on my face at least twice a week…Before I get ahead of myself, let’s get into some individual reviews for each product. 

Image Post-treatment trial kit

Post-treatment trial kit

If you’re new to Image skincare, the Post-treatment trial kit is a very good place to start. It comes with a cleanser, serum, cream, masque and SPF50 – basically everything you would need for a few days on a trip to a sunny destination! For that reason, I am saving this for any future trips I may have (gotta love minis for making airport security that much speedier!)

This is priced at around £28, so a good way to trial the brand without spending too much money!

IMAGE Ronert MD  lip treatment
Image Lip treatment

Ronert MD lip enhancement

I’ve got to say, I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so hard for a lip treatment/balm/gloss. Firstly, this has a gorgeous vanilla scent that I just can’t get enough of. Secondly, the formula is just perfect – not too tacky, but sturdy enough to stay put and leave your lips feeling really nourished. Finally, this is a SPF15 and it does give your lips a bit of a perk up when you use it regularly! 

Overall, I am really impressed with this, and I absolutely love using it. It’s £30 but 100% worth it because it’s just such a dream to use. 

Image Vital C serum

Vital C serum

I love products that contain Vitamin C (ok, a slight part of that is because I love the citrus scent of them…) and this serum is another product that my skin just can’t seem to get enough of. The consistency is more similar to that of a light moisturiser, but once you apply it to your skin it has the texture of a serum and sinks in really nicely. 

It helps to perk your skin up – mine looks smoother and brighter when I use this. It’s pretty expensive at £78, but if you can afford to spend a bit more I really recommend it. 

Image Vital C hydrating overnight masque

Vital C hydrating overnight masque

Of all of the products, I think this is my absolute favourite. As you can see, this over night masque has a gel consistency that feels amazing on my skin. It sinks in beautifully and is deeply hydrating. I use this 2-3 times a week, and I really notice a difference when I do. If I could bathe in this I would, it’s that good!

This is £65 and worth every penny as far as I am concerned – well worth treating yourself to!