A beginner’s guide to shooting self-portraits at home

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Lingerie shot self-portrait

So you want to shoot self-portraits…

When I first began blogging, finding someone to help you out with photography was pretty tricky, so pretty much all of my style (and makeup) photos were shot by balancing my camera on a precarious surface, putting it on timer and then running to stand in place. Let’s just say, the majority of my photos didn’t come out well and it was VERY hit and miss!

Over the years I’ve definitely stepped up my game when it comes to self-portraits, so today I thought I would share my tips and tricks. I’ve written this as a beginner’s guide as it’s mainly for those who want to quickly learn how to take a good photo for their blog/social media. So, let’s get right into it…

Jewellerybox earrings detail shot

All of the gear…

Ok, so before we even get into taking good photos, we should probably talk about the equipment that you’ll need to take good self-portraits. You can make do with propping your camera up on various surfaces, but I personally find that quite limited, so here’s what I use:

CameraCanon 600D (affiliate link)

TripodAblott Camera Tripod (affiliate link)

RemoteAmazon Basics Wireless Remote (affiliate link)

I would say that in order to take good quality self-portraits, a good camera, tripod and remote are essential.

Figleaves lingerie black set

Angles and height

Now that we’ve got our gear, it’s time to talk about height and angles – I find these are key to taking a great photo! It may seem obvious, but make sure you’re checking in the viewfinder to ensure everything you want in shot is.

I have a flip out screen, which means that while I shoot I can quickly tell if I’m getting the pictures I want. If your screen doesn’t flip out, I would recommend taking a few test shots, checking them, and then adjusting the height and angle of your camera accordingly. Taking a wider frame photo is always the best way to ensure you get a photo you will like – if it’s too wide you can crop it in easily!

Be experimental with your angles and height, sometimes shooting from a lower angle can make a picture 1000% better, sometimes shooting at a slight degree, instead of straight on, can also make a photo more interesting.

Jewellerybox silver hoops

Hiding the remote

In some photos, like the one above, this won’t be an issue as the crop doesn’t include the hand I’m holding the remote in. BUT, if (like me) you like to take lifestyle photos that include your whole body, hiding the remote can be tricky!

I have a couple of tricks for this – place your hand flat on your arm/leg/chest to hide the remote or place it behind you after triggering the shutter!

For example, in this photo the remote is in my left hand, and as I’m holding my rode with the same hand it is cleverly hidden! If I was taking a photo sat on my bed with my breakfast tray (as I often do) I would hide the remote under my leg or just behind me (my timer gives me three seconds to hide the remote and then pose!) before the shutter goes off.

So, those are my tips and tricks for beginners! I hope they are useful, if you have any further questions please do say hello on Twitter or Instagram (I’m @AlbertineSarah on both).