Embracing Veganuary with Arbonne skincare products

Arbonne skincare Veganuary

Taking part in Veganuary (without being Vegan)

I don’t know about you, but personally I don’t think I could ever commit to being Vegan. I tend to not eat lots of meat, and I’ll always appreciate a vegan beauty product, so while the Vegan lifestyle might not be for me, I do like to dabble in it when the opportunity arises.

We’re in the midst of Veganuary, and while lots of people attempt to live without animal products for the month I thought I would share some Vegan-friendly products from one of my favourite skincare brands – Arbonne.

Personally, I think opting for Vegan beauty products can be a great way to get involved in the cause – there’s so many great options on the market right now and it’s always nice to use skincare products that you know aren’t as harmful for the environment.

So, instead of me waffling on, let’s get into some mini reviews of each of Arbonne’s Vegan offerings

Arbonne vegan nutrition

Let’s talk nutrition

Energy fizz sticks – I have to admit, I’m a bit of a slave to my morning coffee, so sampling alternatives that give me the same energy buzz is always something I’m up for. These citrus fizz sticks contain B vitamins and pantothentic acids which help to reduce fatigue.

Immunity support – I hate getting ill, and as the weather fluctuates between being warm and freezing cold I often find myself coming down with a cold. The immunity support pouches are great for boosting my immune system and giving me a bit of help when I’m feeling run down.

Arbonne Advanced Prepwork

Advanced Prepwork collection

I’ve actually written a whole blog post about the Arbonne advanced prepwork range, so I’ll keep these brief (if you want a full break down, make sure you read my dedicated post)!

Eye gel masks – This are so soothing to use on puffy, tired eyes (especially if you keep them in your fridge as I do)! The gel masks apply perfectly under your eyes and are great for popping on for 10 minutes before you leave the house

Cleansing polish – This is the perfect cleanser for winter because it gently buffs away dead skin cells and keeps you looking radiant. I use this cleansing polish a few times a week for soft, bright skin

Soft focus veil broad spectrum – Even though the weather is dull right now, it’s still important to use SPF and I love how this soft focus SPF feels on my skin (not grainy or filmy like others I have used)

Arbonne intelligence range Veganuary

Intelligence collection

Lip treatment – I LOVE lip products, so I knew this lip treatment would be a winner for me. It’s a really nice formula that leaves your lips feeling soft and nourished and its size means its easy to slip into your bag

CC Cream – I don’t like to wear a full face of makeup all the time, so this CC cream is perfect for when I want something a bit lighter that will protect my skin from the pollution in London

Arbonne Makeup primer


Makeup primer – Honestly, using a makeup primer makes SUCH a difference to how your makeup sits and how well it lasts. I love that Arbonne offer one and I’m sure I’ll fly through using this!

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