How to make your style content stand out on Instagram

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Standing out on Instagram

Ok, straight up, I’m not going to pretend I know ALL of the answers to standing out on Instagram, nor am I going to pretend that I have an insanely popular account. But, since September 2018 I’ve almost doubled by following – I’ve grown by 2,300+ followers – and my engagement has been going up and up.

I used to be stuck in that bubble of thinking growth on Instagram was impossible unless you used shady tactics, but over the past few months I’ve been more proactive in building a community on the platform and since then my follower count (and likes and comments) has been steadily growing.

I’ve decided to focus this post on style content (and how to make it shine) because that’s what I tend to post, but really I think a lot of the advice can be applied to different niches!

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Engaging with your current audience

So today is day one of you committing to growing your Instagram. I honestly think the best place you can start is by engaging with the people who are already there. Reply to your comments, and check out the accounts of those who are commenting. Follow them if you like their style of content.

Replying to comments encourages people to continue leaving them and the more engagement there already is on your posts, the more likely they are to end up on the explore page, or on the ‘top’ page of the hashtags you use. Speaking of hashtags…

Be active on your chosen hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags I would suggest you jump on that pretty quickly! If you are, make sure the hashtags you’re using are relevant. Look at the content featured on their ‘top’ page and think about how your content would fit in there. If they don’t match up, then it’s probably not the best hashtag for you to use.

For example, for my style content I tend to use: #MidSizeStyle #AnotherOutfitPost #TodaysDetails #RealLifeandStyle #LondonBloggers. Instagram will often suggest hashtags for you to follow, click through and have a look – you might discover a new hashtag you can use to attract new followers!

I would also recommend following some of your favourite hashtags, so posts from them come up on your feed. This way it’s easy to engage with people posting similar content to yours, and therefore entice them to follow you too.

It’s important that you engage with other content posted using your chosen hashtags – you often get out what you put into Instagram and sharing the love never hurts anyone! Finding new people to follow via them is a great way to engage with fellow content creators and build your Instagram community.

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Tag the brands you’re wearing (and use their hashtags)

Honestly, this is the absolute best way to get your style content noticed. When you tag a brand, mention them in your caption and use their hashtag you’re putting yourself on their (and their follower’s radar). You might even get a repost which will work wonders for growing your audience!

Think about the brands you want to partner with and wear them. Tag them in the photos and it will help you to get on their radar. I know people who have used #PrettyLittleThing and found their reach for that photo is 20,000+ so don’t underestimate the captive audience of a brand whose clothes you like!

Have a cohesive sense of style

Now, this is the trickiest thing for some of us, but when you get it right you’ll really notice the difference. The accounts I tend to follow are ones whose feeds are cohesive. When I click onto their profile there’s a consistent theme (whether that’s the editing style, or their fashion sense) so I know when I follow I’ll continue to get more of the same.

It’s less likely that someone will follow you if they click onto your feed and there’s no indication of what they can consistently expect from you.

Personally, I have a wide ranging fashion sense (one day I’m in oversized jumpers, jeans and flat boots and the next I’m in a pencil skirt, blouse and heels) so I decided to make my editing style the consistency that I offer. I like to post a mix of fashion, lifestyle and beauty shots so having a consistent edit means I have a bit more freedom with what I post.

A bit of foresight is also useful – I use UNUM to plan my feed and it’s a great way to make sure a photo I intend to post fits with everything else that’s already up.

So, that’s my advice for making your style content stand out on Insta, I have a few more tips and tricks, so if anyone wants a part two to this, let me know and I’ll get working on it!

Photography by Fifi