Why I only ever workout at home

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Where do you workout?

Ok, I have to admit, this time last year I was really lax with my workout routine (by lax, I mean it really didn’t exist). Over the summer I decided to focus more on working out – mainly because I found I didn’t have much energy and I felt like I wasn’t in the best shape – and after settling into a routine of working out 3-4 times a week I really noticed a difference.

So, fast forward six months and here I am speaking about fitness on my blog (something I never thought I would do) and why I’ve become a big fan of at home workouts.

Now, when I previously thought about a home workouts, images of 80s leotards and Davina Mccall DVDs come to mind…but luckily home workouts have developed (as has the activewear available)!

So, today I thought I would share with you why I workout at home, and the benefits I’ve found to making the most of my living room (rather than heading to a gym).

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Money, money, money

I think this is the main pull of working out at home – you save quite a hefty amount by not paying for a gym membership or classes. You can find some pretty amazing workouts on YouTube (FitnessBlender are my favourites) for free, and if you’re not new to workouts they can be easy to follow and often offer variations so you can make them easier/harder depending on your ability.

The best thing about this? You can spend what you save on some snazzy activewear! I was recently sent some pieces from Pretty Little Thing (all of the items in this post are from them) and I do have to admit having a nice selection of fitness gear is very motivating when it comes to working up the motivation to do some exercise.

You don’t have an excuse to not workout often

When I was attending fitness classes it was easy for me to find reasons why I couldn’t go – ‘I promised I would meet my friends for drinks so I have to do that instead!’ ‘I need to get to work early instead’ ‘It’s raining and I don’t want to ruin my hair’

When you’re working out at home, there’s really no excuse not to do it, because everyone has a spare 30 minutes available three times a week. I’ve found working out at home can be perfect for squeezing in quick routines when I’m super busy, and it can be flexible depending on when you are available.

This has made working out three times a week easier for me because it fits around my routine and can be adapted based on whatever else is going on.

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You compete against yourself

Sometimes I find I get the most out of my workouts when I’m just focused on my own fitness levels and improving them, rather than keeping up with other people.

Working out at home means it’s just me, so I select workouts based on what I feel will challenge me and I work hard because I always want to be improving on my previous performance!

When it’s just me in the room I’m not focused on keeping up with anyone else, and if something feels too much for me I don’t feel self-conscious for option for an easier version.

There’s no judgement

As much as I loved attending fitness classes at Uni, I don’t miss how self-conscious they could make me feel. Whether I was conscious of my soft stomach or less-than-toned arms, being in a class full of super active women sometimes took its toll.

Working out at home is a great way to get started without being put off by what others will think of what you look like. You worry less about the way your body looks when you move and worry more about executing the movements properly and getting a good workout.

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