Three books by content creators that are worth your £££

Content creator authored books

Content creator books

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen lots and LOTS of books penned by content creators (whether they’ve made their mark on Instagram, YouTube or self-founded websites). Whenever I see that someone I admire is writing a book, my interest is immediately piqued. There’s a few that I’ve bought over the past year, so today I thought I would share three that I have really enjoyed reading recently.

An Edited Life Anna Newton
An Edited Life work advice

An Edited Life – Anna Newton

A couple of years ago Anna rebranded from Vivianna Does Makeup to The Anna Edit, and since then I have really enjoyed her lifestyle content and the way she advises on living a more refined life. So when I heard that she was releasing her own book, I just couldn’t wait to read it for myself. This contains lots of excellent life, work and wardrobe advice and even give budgeting details that I’ve found really valuable. If you’re looking to curate your life, and streamline things, then you’re going to want to give this a read!

An Edited Life – £13.34

Aimee Song Capture Your Style
Aimee Song Instagram edit styles

Capture Your Style – Aimee Song

I read this one pretty quickly and it’s full of really useful advice for those of us who want to take our photography (and Instagram skills) to the next level! There was some advice that was a bit basic, but I do feel it was useful to be included for those who are 100% new to Instagram and building a beautiful feed. I found the travel and style advice most useful, and I’ve definitely implemented a lot of the advice and seen the results in my own feed.

Capture Your Style – £10.27

Inthefrow The New Fashion Rules book
Victoria Magrath The New Fashion Rules

The New Fashion Rules – Victoria Magrath

I was so excited for Victoria’s book I actually pre-ordered it (I’ve never done that before for a book) and devoured it in one sitting. I love her style of writing, and her perspective on how the fashion industry has changed, the impacts of fast fashion, Instagram and developing your own style is really insightful. This book is perfect for any social media and fashion-lovers and the imagery included within it is just gorgeous.

The New Fashion Rules – £11.42