The obsession with floaty midi skirts continues…

ASOS floral midi skirt

Who doesn’t love a floral midi skirt?

If you told 16 year old me that midi skirts would be a staple in my wardrobe, I honestly would have thought you were crazy. Younger me was a midi skirt and skinny jeans addict, but as I’ve grown up (and matured) my style has definitely changed and I’ve found myself opting for more work-appropriate styles that still pack a personality punch.

This midi skirt is from ASOS (my fave place to shop for new pieces) and the floral print is just so gorgeous that I think it pairs perfectly with a simple black roll neck.

New Look black roll neck

How I like to style statement pieces

Now, as somebody who works full-time, the way I style statement pieces is probably fairly different from how I would style them if I was just dressing for fashion events! I like my bold prints to take centre stage so, as you can see in these images, I’ll opt for basics to complete the outfit. This time I went for a New Look black roll neck top and black patent boots (also from New Look). I feel that keeping it simple really draws your eye to the skirt and makes it stand out!

London SoHo photoshoot

And a quick note on shooting in London during the weekend…

Again, working full-time means that shooting style content just has to be done on the weekends for me. Trekking into SoHo to shoot some outfit photos on a Saturday probably sounds like hell to a lot of people, but it’s not actually as bad as you might think!

My advice is to find corners where you have the space to get a full outfit photo without getting in the way of people trying to walk past you. That way you minimise the chances of someone walking into your shot and ruining it. Also patience. Patience is key to taking photos in London on the weekend. You might have to wait for that tourist to take their photos of landmarks, or for that couple to stop snogging each others faces off right next to you, but waiting instead of giving up on a location is always worth it – it’s how I’ve got some of my favourite photos.