A change of direction (well, sort of)

AlbertineSarah candles

Introducing…AlbertineSarah candles!

As I’m writing this, I’m sat in my living room (probably TMI, but I’m sweating profusely after an intense HIIT workout) preparing myself for the launch of my first ever collection of candles. A year ago there’s no way that I would have thought I would be here. I’ve never seem myself as very entrepreneurial (although I am guilty of watching The Apprentice and thinking I could do 1000x better than some of the people there), and launching my own business venture was never on the cards.

But…here we are! The candles came to me as an idea when I felt I was missing something – as much as I love blogging and social media, the reliance on engagement and follower count has sometimes been too much pressure for me. I’ve been longing for a side project that can fulfil my creative needs (while also providing results in my bank account) and once I started to brainstorm ideas, candles became the creative project I fell in love with.

AlbertineSarah Morning Latte candle

A manageable side hustle

I can make my candles in my kitchen at home, and compared to hours of scrolling Instagram, there’s something soothing about melting wax, mixing in fragrance oils and waiting for them to set. Not only that, but I have absolutely LOVED coming up with ideas for the branding. For a long time I felt satisfied with life, but now I feel like I have a spark back. I’m constantly jotting down ideas, brainstorming colour schemes and planning events(!) I could host.

Now, does that mean I’m packing it in when it comes to all things blogging and social media? Absolutely NOT! You’ll still find me posting 2-3 times a week on here, and daily on my personal Instagram account. But, as well as that, you’ll now be able to follow my brand’s social media account for lots of home decor inspo AND if you feel like supporting lil old me, you can shop my candles on Etsy *screams internally*.

Bedroom flatlay AlbertineSarah

That’s it…for now!

Ok so that’s the big, exciting update from me. I really hope people enjoy my candles, I’ve put a lot of energy into them and I truly love the end product. I’ve got so many more ideas for them (in fact, I’ve already planned three more collections) so I really hope I can bring them to light and make this something special.

Shop the collection HERE