Sometimes I don’t want to dress like a grown up

New Look floral printed midi dress
Foaki pearl hair clips

Taking inspiration from my childhood wardrobe

Occasionally (probably every six months or so) I love dusting off my photo albums and looking through photos from my childhood. As well as all of the memories – friend’s birthday parties, trips to various European cities, first days at school – one of the things I really love is reminiscing about what I used to wear. Whether it’s what my mum dressed me in as a toddler, or how I dressed myself as a pre-teen, it’s thoroughly entertaining to look at.

Now, of course the majority of my outfits were a reflection of early 00s trends (please, let’s not ever revive those!) but honestly there’s some that still bang. Matching gingham blouse and shorts? ummm YES PLEASE, I would still 100% rock that on holiday. So sometimes, when I don’t have an important meeting and I have a desire to wear something more playful.

velvet Doc Martens boots
childhood outfits inspiration

Let’s talk about today’s outfit

Ok, so let’s get into today’s outfit. I totally feel like this is something pre-teen me would wear. I was a bit of a girly-girl, but I always liked my outfits to be practical, for playing tag and climbing trees, ya know?

This midi dress is from New Look, and after seeing it styled on the model with a long-sleeved white top underneath and trainers on I just had to buy it for myself and try a similar styling. I think adding the top/jumper underneath makes it really comfortable and perfect for the UK’s constantly changing weather.

These Doc Marten boots are honestly some of the most beautiful I’ve seen, and the fact that they’re flat makes them far more comfortable than a pair of kitten heels or pointy flats. They help to keep the outfit casual, and practical but the velvet makes them feel a bit more dressy than plain black boots.

So that’s it from me today! Do you like taking inspo from your previous outfits? Let me know in the comments!

Photography by Sarah Ellen Photography