Spring additions to my skincare stash

This post contains gifted items

Spring skincare edit

A spring skincare update

As the seasons change I love switching up the skincare products I use. While I love to cocoon my skin in heavy moisturisers during the winter, spring and summer are when I keep my makeup light and focus on a skincare routine that increases hydration and glow.

I’ve added a fair few new products to my skincare stash recently, so today I thought I would share my new additions and some first impressions!

Dermalogica SPF 30

Dermalogica prisma protect SPF 30

As the weather is getting warmer, I’m upping the SPF I wear daily and opting for a SPF 30 to make sure my skin is 100% protected. This one is a light activated skin defence that offers a broad spectrum defence. It defends against UV rays, free radical damage and pollution while also boosting your skin’s luminosity – which is a win-win for me.

I love that this doesn’t feel gritty or uncomfortable on my skin, and it works just as well under makeup as it does on its own.


IMAGE firming face mask

IMAGE facial wipes and purifying probiotic mask

I know, I know, I too am SHOCKED that face wipes are being featured in a skincare post on my blog. But, I have to admit after using these they really do deserve a place in this post because they’re perfect for removing makeup and cleansing on the go. Previously, I’ve found face wipes really irritate my skin and dry it out, but these keep it feeling hydrated and are perfect for when you can’t do a proper cleanse.

Now, onto the mask – I’ve really fallen for this one! Firstly, it doesn’t dry stiff, so you don’t have to sit there unable to move your face. Secondly, it really does hydrate your skin and leave it feeling smooth. It comes with a spatula, so you only use what you need (I always feel like I use excess when I apply with my fingers!)


L'Occitane mineral moisture mask

L’Occitane Mineral Moisture Mask

Oh I do love a hydrating gel, so of course this mask is right up my street! It’s a gel formula that is really refreshing and cooling (especially during warm summer evenings). This mask sinks right into the skin, and when I leave it on overnight it’s perfect for giving my skin a hydration boost.


ra oils skincare

ra oils skin rescue oil and rose mist

ra oils is a new brand to me, and I’ve really enjoyed trying out their products so far. It is a bit pricier, but I definitely think you get your money’s worth (especially with the oil, which will last fora good while).

Skin Rescue oil is perfect for irritated skin and it really helps to nourish and soften your skin. I like to apply this in the evening, just before bed, so it can sink in overnight.

The Rose Mist is really refreshing, and comes out as a really fine mist (almost to the point where you don’t feel it land on your skin, if that makes sense?) I love spritzing this on before applying makeup, or just after cleansing to give my skin a little boost of hydration.