Three summer fragrances I have on heavy rotation

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three summer fragrances

Three summer fragrances

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already talking about summer on my blog – it feels like we were in the depths of winter just a few weeks ago (ok, that’s probably due to the very variable weather in the UK…)

I love switching up my fragrances as the seasons change – I always find myself reaching for light, fresh, floral or beachy scents during the spring and summer but once autumn and winter come round I’m reaching for my deep, rich or woody scents.

So today, I thought I would share a few fragrances I’ve had on heavy rotation over the past couple of weeks. These are all very different scents, there’s not really anything that ties them together, but in a way I think that’s good because it means I always have something to wear that compliments my mood. I’m sure these will become my summer fragrances, let me know what you’ll be wearing this summer in the comments too!

philosophy Amazing Grace fragrance

The baby soft one

Some days all I really want is a fragrance that feels like a big, cosy hug from someone I love. So on those days, this is the fragrance I reach for without fail. The scent is deliciously soft – it reminds me a bit of baby powder – but the combination of bergamot, muguet blossoms and lasting musk help to keep it feeling feminine and grown-up.

I always get compliments on this when I wear it, and most people say they find the scent really comforting so if you’re looking for something cosy and soft you’re going to love this!

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Ferragamo Amo Flowerful perfume

The rich floral one

This fragrance is described as a ‘luminous blossom of splendid sensuality’ and I have to say, I agree! I loved the first version of Amo (so much so that I very quickly finished my bottle a few months ago) and this spring update is just gorgeous.

The Amo Flowerful fragrance has a blooming start with yuzu flower and blackcurrant that forms a burst of freshness and illuminated the Italian bitter accord. The floral heart reveals a blossoming, elegant trio of pink peony, jasmine and plum blossom before making way for a sensual dry-down of addictive vanilla, woods and musk. 

I love the combination of oriental and floral notes – it makes this scent really irresistible and perfect for when you’re in a bright, playful mood.


Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk

The salty beach one

I have to say, when I first tried this I really wasn’t a fan (probably because it didn’t suit the cold, cloudy weather outside!) but now that the weather’s warmed up this is perfect for wearing on days when I wish I was casually strolling along a beach!

Containing radiant notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Pink Pepper and Ylang Ylang, Beach Walk evokes hints of ocean spray.