NEW Makeup Obsession eyeshadow palettes – worth the money?

Makeup Obsession eyeshadow palettes

New eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Obsession

I’m always excited to see what Makeup Obsession with launch – their products are fun and high quality and they often find their way into my regular makeup routine.

The two new palettes are polar opposites – In The Neon Jungle contains vibrant neons and rich, deep colours while Love Is My Drug is a combination of pretty pinks and neutrals. If I was going to lean towards one to start off with, it would be Love Is My Drug but after swatching them both I have to say I have fallen a bit more for In The Neon Jungle – the colours included are just gorgeous and can be used to create lots of exciting eyeshadow looks. So, if you’re a fan of Makeup Obsession products I recommend checking these out! Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of what I think of each shade…

In The Neon Jungle Makeup Obsession palette
Makeup Obsession In The Neon Jungle swatches

In The Neon Jungle [GIFTED]- individual shade reviews

Tiger – I love this pigmented, warm orange! It swatched really well and I think it would be perfect as a crease shade or on the waterline

Borneo – This is a great neutral in the palette, and one I will use as a transition shade

Island – This is a deep, shimmery taupe shade that I think will work well for a smokey eye. The colour payoff of this one was amazing, really impressive!

Savannah – Such a lovely bronze shade, this will look amazing on it’s own with a slick of mascara and highlighter on the cheekbones

Amazonian – This is a deep plum shade in a matte finish, so I’ll most likely use it in the outer corners of my eyes to deepen my eyeshadow looks

Jungle Mist – I’ve used this before, in the inner corners of my eyes and it’s such a great champagne colour when you use it in combination with Monsoon

Monsoon – I’ve fallen head over heels for this navy shimmer, it’s just SO pretty! Love combining it with Jungle Mist

Banana Leaf – This is a more orangey bronze shade, and again one I would most likely use just on it’s own when I have a tan!

Makeup Obsession In The Neon Jungle swatches

Macaw – A bright teal blue, I don’t see myself using this much. Maybe as a vivid liner or on my waterline? But I’ll most likely not use this the most out of the palette

Passion Flower – This is a briiiight pink, and again I will use this as a liner or on my waterline. This was a little bit stubborn to remove, so I would proceed with caution to avoid staining

Ghecko – A bright turquoise, I’m unsure if I will ever use this, maybe if I one day have a craving for a super bright eyeshadow look I will

Orchid – This is a true purple shade, and I’ll probably only use this in combination with golds for a colourful look

Star Fruit – I love this shimmery gold shade, and I think it would work really well with Orchid

Cacao – This is a really day, shimmery chocolate shade and I’m gonna use this when I’m in the mood for a deep smokey eye

Madagascar – My least favourite shade from the palette, I just couldn’t seem to get a good colour payoff from it? It’s a standard matte brown, so I will see if I can get it to work as a liner shade!

Camouflage – I was so surprised by this shade, it’s a gorgeous shimmery khaki and I’m kind of obsessed now. I can’t wait to wear it!

Makeup Obsession Love Is My Drug palette
Makeup Obsession Love Is My Drug swatches

Love Is My Drug [GIFTED] – individual shade reviews

Smitten – This is a matte cream, which will be useful to use along the waterline. The payoff isn’t great, but that’s not surprising for a matte white

Crush – A shimmery baby pink, I’ll be using this in the inner corner of my eyes for a lot of makeup looks

Fancy – This is a warm nude colour that will work perfectly as a transition colour

Addiction – This is a great shimmery nude colour, and I think with the above three shades this will make a great nude makeup look

Infatuation – This is a warm shimmery peach that is really gorgeous, will definitely be using this with a transition shade for a subtle makeup look

Romance – A matte peachy pink, I really love this colour but I’m not sure how I’ll use this. Maybe as a transition shade for a more colourful look?

Admire – This shimmery champagne shade will work well in the inner third to brighten up an eyeshadow look

Cherish – A matte warm brown, this will be another transition shade for me!

Obsession Love Is My Drug swatches

Affection – This is a shimmery bright pink that is really gorgeous. This will pair well with one of the warmer brown transition shades

Spark – This has amazing pigmentation, and is a shimmery cool-toned bronze that will look great just on its own

Flame – This is a matte burgundy, and this would work well in the outer corner to add some depth to an eyeshadow shade

True Love – This is a cool toned taupe that will make a great transition shade (although I think the warmer mattes will work better for me)

Fixated – This is a warm matte brown, and has great colour payoff

Be Mine – I love this shimmery shade, it’s super pretty and again will work well on its own

Lust – This is a deep matter red, so I’m not sure this will work for me (but it would look great on a darker skin tone)

Devotion – This dark brown shade will work well for deepening an eyeshadow look (or as a liner)!