Green glitter and glossy lips

Makeup Obsession Nature green glitter eyeshadow
detail shot green glitter eyeshadow

Green glitter eyeshadow?!

Ok, honestly? I don’t think I ever saw myself diving into the green glitter for an eyeshadow look and ABSOLUTELY loving it, but here we are! The warm weather has definitely put me in a positive mood, and I’ve found myself craving colour in every area of my life. So when I was gifted the gorgeous Love Is Love palette from Makeup Obsession, I could not wait to swatch it and start creating lots of fun colourful makeup looks with it.

When it comes to bright colours, I think it’s sometimes best to stick to one colour and really pack it on for impact, so when I started playing around with the Love Is Love palette, I was immediately drawn to the shade Nature – a bright green glitter. I literally just packed this on and then gently blended it out. And voila! Within a couple of minutes (and with very minimal effort) I had a bright, green glitter eyeshadow look that is just gorgeous.

Makeup Obsession Love Is Love palette
Nature green glitter eyeshadow pan
Spirit lilac glitter eyeshadow

Ps. As the Love Is Love palette is to celebrate Pride, Revolution Beauty are donating £25,000 to The Human Dignity Trust.

The Human Dignity Trust uses the law to defend the human rights of LGBT people in countries where consensual sexual activity between adults of the same sex is criminalised. They link the international legal community with local organisations who are challenging laws that persecute people on the basis of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

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Glossy nude lips

In terms of the lip colour for this look, as the eyeshadow is so eye-catching I decided to go for a more neutral lip. This glossy nude colour is also from Makeup Obsession (more specifically the Be Obsessed With lip gloss collection) and the shade is called Hooked.

I really love the formula of the Makeup Obsession lip glosses – they’re highly pigmented and the glossy finish gives lips a plump look. Also, each kit is £6 for three glosses, making each gloss just £2 – a total steal as far as I am concerned!