Why summer is the perfect time to re-think your content

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The summer social media lull

I’m sure you’ve noticed that in the past month of so social media engagement has taken a bit of a nose dive. My engagement is at an all time low, and my followers are dropping like flies. Of course, it is likely that there’s a multitude of reasons for this happenings (Instagram themselves suppressing the reach of organic content, me posting at irregular times, maybe even my content not being as good as it usually is?!) but I think it’s important to remember that, as a general rule, social media engagement does take a dip during summer. Especially this summer, as we’ve had such unusually warm weather that people have been making the most of!

When your engagement does dip it can be easy to take this to heart and start to question if your content is good enough or if people actually enjoy following you. However, I think it’s better to turn the lull into a positive and think of how you can use it to improve your content and come back stronger than before once Autumn comes round and people come back onto the app.

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Take the time to assess what content is popular (and what isn’t)

When my engagement drops off during the summer, I see it as the perfect time to do a ‘content audit’. To do this I look at all of the content I’ve posted over the past three months (you can find this in the Instagram app – go into your Insights, select content, then Feed posts and change the time frame to three months) and look at what the top 15 posts are. For me, I can see that my glitter edits and more editorial style content are most popular. Interestingly, when it comes to closer cropped photos, people like it when I have one hand resting on my chin/face!

Taking the time to reflect on what performs well for you is really helpful when it comes to planning your future content. And when you’re in a lull it’s the perfect time to do it because it provides motivation for creating more content.

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What content sparks joy for you?

When you’re in the routine of regularly creating content, it can easy to lose track of what you genuinely enjoy creating. I know I’ve previously fallen into the routine of shooting content in similar locations and wearing similar things, just because I know it will perform well on Instagram. When people stop seeing, and liking, your content it’s the perfect time to stop trying to appeal to your audience and instead make content that you love. There’s really nothing to lose when your engagement is already low, so you might as well use the time to experiment!

I’ve been taking more editorial beauty photos, and it’s been really freeing to just post what I love and feel good about, without worrying about how it will perform or how many likes it will get. You never know, you might actually find your engagement goes back up when you switch up your content (audiences do get bored if your content gets too samey, after all)! I’ve had lots of positive feedback from my followers since I stopped caring about how my content performs, and it feels so much better when you’re creating what you love and other people enjoy it as well.

Strategise for Autumn

So, now that you’ve assessed what content performs well and you’ve made sure that what you’re creating really sparks joy for you it’s time to strategise for Autumn (when it’s likely that engagement levels will pick back up again). I know it sometimes feels weird to strategise for Instagram, it’s a social media app that was originally for sharing ‘in the moment’ photos, but having a clear idea of what you want your account to be means that when people come across your page they’re more likely to follow you.

Think about how you want people to feel when they’re looking at your content. Do you want them to be amazed by your creative makeup looks? Do you want to be their high street style inspiration? Do you want them to feel inspired to reduce their carbon footprint? Having an idea of what you want your Instagram to achieve will help you to feel more focused when creating content. Being focused will also mean you can stick to creating content you love, while also making sure it performs well.

So, that’s all of my advice for re-strategising your content over summer! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know your advice for dealing with the summer lull.