The perfect mini dress comes in antique rose print

InTheStyle Lucky antique rose print mini dress

Lorna Luxe x InTheStyle

If you’re following me on Instagram (if you’re not ummm…why not?!) you will already know how much of a fan I am of the Lorna Luxe x InTheStyle collaboration. I feel like every collection is stronger than the last, and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of each piece. You can tell that Lorna pours her heart and soul into everything she creates (in fact, on the LiketoKNOWit podcast she said she will re-work pieces 5-6 times just to make sure they are perfect), so when a new collection is released I am more than happy to splurge a bit on new pieces.

The most recent launch was the ‘High Summer’ collection, and after seeing teasers all over Lorna’s Instagram Stories, when it finally launched last week I immediately ordered three pieces and patiently waited for them to arrive with me. I love all three items, but today I thought I would focus on the one real stand-out from what I ordered – the ‘Lucky’ antique rose print mini dress.

InTheStyle Mini dress

‘Lucky’ antique rose mini dress

Ok, let’s talk about why this dress is such a standout to me. When I first ordered it I wasn’t sure if it was going to live up to my expectations. On Lorna it looked incredible, but I’ve got size E boobs, a comfortably round belly and a bit of an ass so I wondered if this dress could really cater for all of that (because, let’s be real, most high street mini dresses don’t). As soon as I slipped this beauty on, it was love. Real love. Firstly, the ruched skirt is super flattering and really emphasises my waist. It also covers my bum, with enough material for me to walk around comfortably without flashing anyone (usually, I take one step in a mini dress and I’ve unknowingly flashed my ass at a couple of parents and their poor, innocent children).

The bust area HAS ENOUGH ROOM FOR BREASTS. A revelation, sadly as I find most dresses don’t cater for above a B/C cup. I really love how the top half of this dress is designed. The back is elasticated, which is great for those of us with wider backs and the front is quite high up, so not even a hint of breast is on show (which I prefer, as I can wear it out and about without sleazy men staring at my chest).

The print of this – antique rose – is just so pretty, I’m really in love with it. I think it works really well with the design of the dress, but I do hope that Lorna releases this in block colours and other prints because it’s such a good fit.

thrifted black pointed toe boots

Styling the ‘Lucky’ mini dress

Ok, so one question I had via DMs was how to style this dress for Autumn. I know it seems like a dress more suited for warmer months, but I think it will actually work really well within my autumn wardrobe. The puffed sleeves contrast with the tight fit of the dress, so I think it works best with some pointy black boots. I actually found the pair I’m wearing here in a thrift shop in Nashville (for the absolute bargain of around $6), but I know a lot of high street shops are focusing on western style boots this Autumn so a similar pair shouldn’t be too hard to find!

In terms of layering, I would go for an oversized black denim jacket, or a biker jacket with this one. Oversized jackets work best with this dress because it is such a tight fit!