Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse
matte liquid lipstick swatches

Revlon Matte Lip Mousse

There’s nothing I love more than a new beauty launch, especially when it involves liquid lipsticks! So when a surprise delivery of the latest Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse shades arrived with me a few weeks ago, I could not wait to test them out and see what I thought. I was sent six shades – Spice, Death Valley, Desert Sand, Sub-Saharan, Red Hot and 100 Degrees.

This collection of shades is a real mixed bag, there’s some shades I immediately fell in love with and others that really don’t suit me. That said, the ones that don’t suit me would probably look amazing on someone else with a different skin tone. These shades are also all very bold, there’s no safe nudes or universal pinks in here, so if you prefer tamer colours it’s probably not going to be the launch for you!

Revlon matte liquid lipstick

Texture and longevity

Ok let’s get into this review, starting with the texture and longevity of these matte liquid lipsticks! As these are a matte finish I did expect them to be drying, but after wearing one of them for a full-on 12 hours I am happy to report that they don’t dry your lips out at all. In fact, they’re a very comfortable wear and the finish is more of a velvet one than a solid matte. I really love the formula of these, they glide onto your lips and are highly pigmented so you only really need one swipe and you’re done. I only needed minimal touch ups after eating and drinking, which is great when you’re wearing them from work to an evening out.

When it comes to removing these, I was worried they would stain my lips – especially when it comes to the intense red and fuchsia shades. I am pleased to say that these are no match for a cleansing balm! I used the Clinique Take The Day Off balm and it removed all traces of Red Hot, so even after 12 hours of wear these do come off your lips well and don’t stain – I’m impressed Revlon!

Revlon Hyper Matte lipsticks shade range

Shade range

There are a total of 14 shades in this collection, but I have just six of them to share with you today. So here’s a run down of the six shades I was sent (I’ll also mention which I will be keeping and which will be up for grabs by my friends/family).

Revlon Spice, Death Valley, Desert Sand
L-R: Spice, Death Valley, Desert Sand

Spice – A matte brown mauve, I feel this is too warm toned for me so it will be on it’s way to my friends/family

Death Valley – A matte dusty pink-purple, this was a grower on me and after lots of deliberation I will keep it for myself

Desert Sand – A matte dusty violet, I don’t tend to wear really dark colours so this will be on it’s way to my friends/family

Revlon Sub-Saharan, Red Hot, 100 Degrees
L-R: Sub-Saharan, Red Hot, 100 Degrees

Sub-Saharan – A matte burnt orange, I never wear orange lipsticks, so this will be on it’s way to my friends/family

Red Hot – A matte deep raspberry red, this is my perfect red lipstick so I will be keeping this one

100 Degrees – A matte deep pink, this is such a vibrant raspberry shade I just have to keep it for myself