Two new palettes from Makeup Obsession to meet all of your highlighting and contouring needs

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Makeup Obsession So Lit Throw Shade palettes

New Makeup Obsession palettes

As you probably already know from my previous reviews, I am a MASSIVE fan of Makeup Obsession products – especially their palettes. So when I was sent six new palettes from the brand (four eyeshadow palettes that I will share at a later date, a highlight palette and a contour palette) I could not wait to get stuck into them and share my thoughts with you here.

I’ve been testing them out over the past week and, as usual, I am really impressed. I’ve really fallen in love with the highlight and contour palettes – So Lit and Throw Shade – so today I thought I would share them with you.

So Lit highlight palette
Makeup Obsession highlight palette

So Lit highlight palette

Ok, so each palette comes with nine shades, and my first concern with this was how small each pan is. I like to really swirl my brush in there and so there are quite limiting, but they are definitely still workable and I’ve been wearing the shade Spark A LOT recently. The palette is £10, which is amazing for the amount of shades you get and how versatile it is (I’ve used a few as eyeshadows recently, too). Here’s a rundown of the shades:

You can buy the palette via the Revolution Beauty website.

Makeup Obsession Throw Shade
Makeup Obsession Contour palette

Throw Shade contour palette

This has the same amount of pans, and is the same price, as the So Lit palette but Throw Shade includes mattes and shimmers which I feel makes it a lot more versatile! Personally, I wouldn’t use this to contour with (I prefer to use a stick contour so it’s quick and easy to get nice, subtly blended definition) but I would 1000% use it as an eyeshadow palette because the shades are so gorgeous.

You can buy the palette via the Revolution Beauty website.