The battle of the cleansing balms

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Cleansing balm stacked on white bedding

Why I love a good cleansing balm

Now that the weather is cooling down (and we’re getting our fair share of rainy days) I’ve found myself easing into a more indulgent skincare routine to keep my skin looking hydrated, fresh and luminous. When it comes to cleansing, I’ve been opting for a double cleanse far more frequently, and step one always includes a cleansing balm.

Cleansing balms are the perfect formula for removing a full face of makeup, or any grime I’ve picked up after a day of commuting in and out of central London. There’s honestly nothing more satisfying than melting off all of your makeup with a cleansing balm and removing every trace in just one go!

I’ve got three cleansing balms in my current skincare collection, so I thought I would share what I think of each of them today…

Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm

Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm

I feel like the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm is a bit of an iconic product – I mean, which beauty blogger hasn’t tried this and raved about it?! This special 10th Anniversary edition comes with rosehip exfoliating seeds which can be added to the balm to turn it into a gentle scrub.

I love how versatile this product is, and it also smells gorgeous. It melts away my makeup, and when I use the cloth it comes with I can get every bit of makeup off with one cleanse. The exfoliating seeds are also really useful, and I’ve loved using them a couple of times a week to keep my skin feeling baby smooth. It’s £68, so super pricey but I feel it is worth the price for how much product you get and how luxurious it feels to use.

Clinique Take The Day Off

Clinique Take The Day Off

Another cult product, I heard people rave about this for months before finally caving and buying it for myself! The Clinique Take The Day Off balm comes in at about half the size of the Emma Hardie balm, but a little really does go a long way with these balms so I’m sure it will last me for a good few months before I need to replace it.

This really does cut through all makeup, and leaves me with more of a ‘clean’ feeling than the Emma Hardie balm (which feels a bit more nourishing, like leaving a hint of facial oil on after the cleanse). I like to use this when I just want to get my makeup off quickly, and then go to bed and it’s such a dream to use it has become my more regular first step cleanser. It’s £25 so far more affordable than Emma Hardie, but does come in a smaller pot.

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask

Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask

Now technically this is to be used as a mask, but as the formula is so similar to the other cleansing balms I thought I would include it with them! Bee Good NectaPerfecta has a gorgeous silky formula, and is really nourishing on my skin, I just love using it.

It deeply moisturises, and leaves skin feeling soft and looking luminous. A blend of British honey, beeswax & 100% natural plant waxes attracts & locks in moisture, reducing trans epidermal water loss & protecting against dehydration. While this is supposed to just be used as a mask, I do also like to use this quickly as a step two cleanser to really hydrate and nourish my skin, keeping it looking it’s best during the gloomy autumnal weather. It’s £39.95, so sits in the middle of the previous two cleansing balms and is definitely worth the price.