AD | Updating my home fragrances for winter with Lalique

This post is sponsored by Lalique 

Lighting the Lalique La Neige candle on white bedding

I truly believe that our sense of smell holds the most power out of all of our senses. All it takes is for me to catch a familiar scent and I am immediately transported back to the time and place I first smelt it. Therefore, as the seasons change I like to switch up the home fragrances I’m using. There’s no better feeling than settling in to watch a film while your living room fills with a comforting scent!

Now that the days are getting shorter I’ve found myself opting for more wintery scents for my bedroom and living room. I like my winter scents to be fresh and crisp, so it’s no surprise that I’ve fallen head over heels for Lalique’s La Neige candle

Lalique La Neige luxury candle
Albertine lighting the La Neige candle

Firstly, let’s talk about the concept behind the limited edition collection of candles that this one comes from. Lalique’s Voyage De Parfumeur collection is all about taking inspiration from raw materials across the globe. From volcanoes, to deserts, to snow (which La Neige is inspired by) – Lalique have created the perfect candle to embody each material. 

La Neige takes inspiration from Adelie Land, a claimed territory on the continent of Antarctica. The adverse climate and snow-covered, vast deserts may make it sound hostile, however a white flag flies there and it is a land of peace and science. The La Neige candle is housed in a textured, matte white glass which replicates the immaculate white desert of Adelie Land. 

Lalique gift box for La Neige
La Neige lit candle

The scent is described as: “a symphony of white musks while raspberry, rose and patchouli give the note soft and chypréed feminine accents. A small tribute to the caring Adèle, the wife of Adelie Land’s discoverer.”

Top notes: raspberry, bergamot, lemon

Heart notes: rose, heliotrope, peace, orange blossom 

Base notes: musks, patchouli, labdanum, vetyver 

The candle has a burn time of 40-50 hours, so I’m sure this will last me throughout winter. It has such a strong scent, from the moment you light it your room smells amazing and it really does remind me of the trips I took to the Alps when I was a teenager (and the smell of fresh snow in the morning).