Which jeans are in style for 2020?

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Finding your perfect pair of jeans

Do they exist? Sometimes it feels like they don’t. That pair of jeans that you loved when you first bought them feel unbearably tight after being washed. The effortlessly ripped pair that you practically lived in during summer now look like they’ve been mauled by a dog.

So, how can you find that perfect pair of jeans? And make sure that next time you invest in a pair they last for years? Keep on reading for my tips for finding the perfect pair…

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Confidence is key

Ok, first things first I think it’s important to share my absolute top tip. Ignore what you’ve read previously about the most ‘flattering’ style of jeans for your body type. Think more about what’s currently in your wardrobe and your general style. Do you love wearing cropped jumpers and tops? Perhaps you prefer a more slouchy look? Do you want to enhance your waist? Or do you prefer a more androgynous look?

It’s important to think about your general style, and what you feel most confident in. There’s no point spending £££ on a pair of subtly flared black jeans to ‘flatter’ your hourglass figure if ultimately you feel ridiculous wearing them.

Personally, I’m a straight leg or skinny jeans girl. I find them the most comfortable for me to wear, and they suit the various jumpers and blouses in my wardrobe.

If you’re really stuck with what you like, take a few different styles to the changing room. Try them on with your favourite jumper or blouse to see which style you fall in love with.

Light wash high waisted jeans

High, mid or low rise

Each of these styles of jeans goes in and out of fashion on a yearly basis, so as tempting as it can be to follow the trends (and what you’re seeing on your Instagram feed) it’s better to stick to what you’re most comfortable in to ensure you feel great in whatever pair of jeans you decide to splurge on.

If you like to feel a bit more sucked in (I’m 100% in this group) then high rise is probably best for you. They also tend to give your bum a bit more of a lift if that matters to you. Mid rise is great for if you want a pair of jeans that sit between your hips and belly button, and they don’t tend to feel as restrictive as high rise pairs can. If you prefer a more slouchy/androgynous look, then low rise is probably going to be the style for you.

It’s all in the leg

Now that we’ve talked about the rise of our jeans, it’s time to think about what style of leg we prefer. The leg style of jeans can make a huge difference to an outfit and can completely change your silhouette.

If you want to emphasis the shape of your legs, then skinny or bootcut styles will be your best friend. If you aren’t too fussed about making your legs the main event, then a straight cut or mom jean might suit you better.

As I mentioned above, it’s important to choose what you feel the most confident and happy in. You could have supermodel-worthy pins, but if you feel happiest in a mom style then go for it and wear them with pride!

Denim jeans in different washes

What wash of jeans should you wear?

Again, the wash of jeans goes in and out of fashion rapidly. The best thing to do is to focus on what you like the most. There’s a lot of advice about not going for lighter washes if you’re plus sized or have a tummy because they’re not as ‘flattering’. What a load of rubbish, wear what you enjoy!

When it comes to choosing the colour/wash of your jeans take a look at your current colour palette in your wardrobe. If you’re more of a neutral gal (like me) a light wash, a classic black and a true denim blue are probably your best bets. They will compliment what you already have. If you’re a colour addict, why not go for a bolder blue and some fun pastel light washes?

I think when it comes to finding your perfect pair of denim the key is to focus in on you, your style and how you feel most comfortable. Try not to think about flattering your shape. Think more about what you’re truly going to wear. If you’re really stuck, why not ask a friend what they think would suit you for a different perspective?

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