How to take great outfit photos at home

taking outfit photos at home

Taking great outfit photos at home

As much as I love taking street style outfit photos, sometimes due to the weather (or sudden changes in plans) it’s impossible to get photos outside of the house. When I’m stuck for content I like to shoot some of my outfits at home. I tend to find that these photos go down really well with my audience.

So, if you also want to take great outfit photos at home carry on reading for my top tips. This guide includes advice on what equipment to invest in and how to pose…

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Investing in the right equipment

Ok so there’s only really three things you need to nail an at home outfit shot – a camera/phone, tripod and remote/timer.

Camera/phone – Personally, when I’m shooting at home I like to use my camera. I find the photos are much higher quality and I get a nice blur effect with the background. It really adds to the aesthetic and makes outfit photos shot at home look better. If you don’t have a camera, a phone is fine. I would advise trying to shoot using the camera on the back if your phone. Front facing cameras tend to be of a lower quality, so it’s better if you can put your phone on timer and us the back camera for your photos.

Tripod – Depending on how much space you have to work with, you’ll want a sturdy tripod to hold your camera or phone. If you don’t have much space, I would advise using a smaller tripod stood on a shelf or chest of drawers. Where you do have more space, invest in a 5-6ft tripod so you can get some full length photos and find the perfect height for you. If you’re shooting on your phone, make sure you have a phone holder you can screw on (they don’t tend to be too expensive).

Remote/timer – If you are shooting on a camera, you may be able to use your phone to focus and take the shot. Otherwise you can find some universal camera remotes on Amazon that aren’t too expensive. If you are shooting on your phone, set it up with a three (or 10) second timer so you have time to get in position before the photo is taken.

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Taking full length outfit photos

These are probably the trickiest to get right at home. Get the wrong angle and you’ll end up looking like a Sim on the starter page, or make yourself look far shorter than you really are. For full length photos at home I like to try different poses. Sitting down can be a great way to get your whole outfit in shot in a way that feels natural.

If you’re going to attempt full length photos at home, I would stand or sit in a corner to bring focus to your outfit. If you have enough space you could lean against a cabinet. This will make your photos feel less awkward. You can also opt for the classic mirror selfie, these go down really well on Instagram and often feel more ‘real’ and relatable to an audience.

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Taking close crop photos

Personally, I find these the most flattering photos to take at home and once you’ve got the angles right they look great. Experiment with shooting from different angles – whether that’s from low down to emphasis the fit of a pair of jeans or more of a bird’s-eye view to bring focus to your accessories and shoes.

My favourite places to shoot close crop images of my outfits are in my living room or in my bedroom. In my living room I tend to either stand with my camera front on to capture a simple image of what I’m wearing or I sit on my sofa and play with angles to snap photos of my accessories (bags, heels, jewellery). For my bedroom I tend to sit on my bed, and I find this can make for some great casual outfit photos that feel a bit more candid and less posed.

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