Affordable loungewear that’s work appropriate

Where can I find affordable loungewear?

I feel like this is the question on everyone’s lips right now. While many of us are working from home we want to stock our wardrobes full of affordable loungewear pieces that are comfy to wear for 8+ hours and appropriate for professional virtual meetings.

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affordable loungewear for working at home

Personally, I go with the retailers I know I can trust when it comes to quality. Not sure where to start? If you want some chic, European pieces then Zara is going to be your best bet (they also do some great wardrobe essentials!) If you’re looking for trend-led pieces then having a browse of ASOS is going to work for you because they stock so many different brands.

Just be aware everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is online shopping right now so if you see something you like snap it up ASAP because it’s likely it will go out of stock within 24 hours if others love it as well.

How do I know that it won’t fall apart?

Another seriously important question. None of us want to fork out our hard earned cash for some loungewear pieces we plan to practically live in only for it to barely last one washing cycle. Firstly, look at the materials. Maybe that gorgeous floaty, paper thin vest isn’t the best idea? Go for sturdy materials, thick vests and jogging bottoms. You know you can throw them into the washing machine with little worry about whether they will shrink or be damaged.

Lorna Luxe x InTheStyle loungewear set in black

Also, look at reviews for each retailer or ask friends who have ordered from them recently. Reviews can be very hit and miss, but if there’s a huge amount that comment on the quality of the items being poor I would recommend giving them a miss!

Order from well known, trusted retailers. Those Instagram ads of cosy cardigans and cute shorts can make anything look good. It’s not a good idea to rely on one heavily edited image when ordering items because you’ll likely be disappointed when a crumpled piece of fabric arrives.

If a retailer has video modelling of their clothes available, give that a watch. It will give you a really good idea of how the items move and the quality of them.

What should I wear for Zoom meetings?

Ok so your boss has asked everyone to turn their cameras on for your next meeting because you haven’t seen each other in months. That t-shirt with the pasta stain or the vest top that barely covers your nips probably aren’t the best choices for these types of meetings! This is where some affordable loungewear pieces can really make a difference. You’ll be comfy but also look professional enough for a meeting.

Working from home outfit

Zoom meeting attire is all about ‘business up top, party down below’. If you’re up for it feel free to wear a shirt or blouse with your jogging bottoms. Unless you have to get up to grab a glass of water it’s unlikely anyone will ever know about what’s going on down below!

However, if you want to keep things simple, then a loungewear set can be great to wear. Personally. I’ve been loving the Lorna Luxe x InTheStyle loungewear collection. The black jumper and shorts set are what I’m living in right now.

Which loungewear pieces have you added to your wardrobe recently? And what are you wearing for your Zoom meetings? Let me know in the comments!

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