Why Essie nail polish is worth the expensive price tag

Is Essie nail polish worth buying?

I’ve tried lots of different brands of nail polish over the years, but I have to admit none are quite as good as Essie nail polish. As much as I love OPI and Mavala, I find Essie polishes a lot easier to use and they do great seasonal collections. From easy-to-wear nudes to bright pastels, they really do have something for every taste. While they are on the pricier side I do think they are worth the £7.99 price tag because they rarely chip.

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Essie nail polish

How long does Essie nail polish last?

As I mentioned above, I tend to find that Essie nail polishes last 2-3 days on me. That said, if I properly prep my nail and use a base and top coat they can last up to 5-7 days on me. I find using the same brand base and top coats also make the polish last longer. I’ve been using a couple from Essie recently that I’ve absolutely loved.

Essie base and top coat

Essie base and top coats

Essie have a few base and top coat options available. Personally, I like to use products that dry quickly and make my manicure last longer. Therefore I’ve been using the Essie Here To Stay base coat and Good To Go top coat.

Here To Stay has colour-adhesive technology that will make your polish last longer. The base coat smooths and protects while bonding your polish to you nail surface.

Good To Go is a fast-drying clear top coat that will make your polish last a lot longer. I can confirm it does this, every time I use it my polish rarely chips!

Essie Sugar Daddy and Chinchilly

The Essie colours I love right now

I’ve recently bought a couple of new Essie colours in some neutral shades that I know I’ll wear all year round. I find going for neutral shades is best because I wear them the most and therefore I get more value for my money.

Sugar Daddy is a sheer pink shade that will instantly make your nails look healthier and more even. I love wearing this during the Spring and Summer, although I do find I have to go for 3 coats if I want the colour to be more opaque. Applying one coat can be a great way to brighten and even your nails if you’re in a rush though!

Chinchilly is more of an Autumn and Winter shade, but even still I’ve been enjoying wearing it all year round. It’s a granite grey colour that’s really chic. You can get fully opaque coverage with just two coats of this, which is great.

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