Five ASOS shopping hacks to save you money

ASOS shopping hacks

I’ve been an ASOS fan for years now. In fact, I think the majority of my wardrobe has been bought on their website! And when it comes to shopping on ASOS, I like to make sure I get the most I can for my money. Whether it’s saving on delivery fees or getting the items you’re lusting after at a discount, here’s my top five ASOS shopping hacks.

ASOS shopping hacks
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Download the app

Yes, it might be *another* app that take up space on your phone but the ASOS app is worth having. They frequently host app exclusive sales, so if you’ve got your eye on a few items it can be a great way to score a discount on what you were already planning to buy.

Personally, I also find the app a lot easier to browse. When there’s a flash sale that’s app exclusive I can quickly find the things I’ve been lusting after and put the order through with a few clicks!

Make use of the ‘save’ feature

I didn’t use the save feature on ASOS for ages, and I completely regret it! Stock moves fast on ASOS, and you can often lose track of things you’ve fallen in love with once you leave the website or app.

The best way to keep an eye on the items you’re planning to buy is by saving them. You can do this by clicking the heart icon on the product page. This way you can see whether or not your favourites have gone out of stock in your size. You can also see if they’ve hit the sale far quicker than if you tried to find them again on the website or app.

I always go through my saved items when there’s a sale on, and I’ve been able to get 20% off some items just by saving them and waiting for a sale to take advantage of rather than ordering them straight away.

Pay for Premier Delivery

Yes, it’s £9.95 out of your pocket when you pay for it but this service is 100% worth it. Not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll get next day delivery for a year. Personally, I make 10-15 ASOS orders within a year so Premier Delivery saves me a lot of money and I get my items quicker.

If you also make a lot of ASOS orders, then I would highly recommend paying for this service. Even if you only make 3 orders in a year, you’ll save yourself a bit of money and get your items far quicker than with standard delivery.

It’s also really helpful for when you need a quick stock up of wardrobe essentials or want to get some bit before a last minute trip!

Look out for flash sales

Probably one of the best things about ASOS – the flash sales. Sometimes these are exclusive to some product categories or just the sale items. Other times they are site wide.

The site wide flash sales are the ones to keep an eye on. If you buy during them you could get a considerable discount on branded items! Using the save tool will mean you can quickly check out when the flash sales come around as your favourites will all be in one place.

Shop the outlet

I’ve found some amazing bargains in the ASOS outlet. From Calvin Klein to Lavish Alice, there’s some impressive brands available for a discounted price.

I keep an eye on this area, and save the items I’m most interested in to see if there’s any additional discounts to be had during the flash sales. The outlet is always a great section to browse, you never know what you might find on those pages…