Is Beauty Pie worth the membership fee? (+ discount code)

How does Beauty Pie work?

If you’re a regular beauty buyer, then you’ve probably already heard of Beauty Pie. But if you’re new to the beauty subscription, here’s what you can expect when you sign up.

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Is Beauty Pie worth it?

Beauty Pie works on a membership model. You can pay between £5-20 per month (for a minimum of three months) and get a spending limit of £50-200. The spending limit is based on the typical prices of each item. The ‘typical price’ is what Beauty Pie claim other brands sell the same product formula for. Beauty Pie base their membership prices on what it costs to make the product, cutting out the marketing, packaging and overhead costs that are usually factored in to a product’s price.

Each month your spending limit renews, and you can treat yourself to some new products to try out, or stock up on some favourites. This can be a great way to get your luxury beauty fix on a budget!

Beauty Pie packaging

Is the monthly fee worth it?

For many people, the Beauty Pie membership fee is what puts them off buying products from the website. There’s no denying that it can feel like a barrier, but if you are a regular beauty product buyer the fee will be 100% worth it. By paying it monthly you get access to some really high quality products for a fraction of the price that you would usually pay.

After testing out everything I ordered, I can confirm that the membership fee I paid was definitely worth it. Every product I’ve tried has been amazing and I can’t wait to place my next order!

Beauty Pie skincare order

Which products are the best?

It’s really going to depend on your skin type and how much/little makeup you wear on a daily basis. That said, the Japanfusion range is definitely worth checking out. I’ve been using the Pure Transforming Cleanser a lot recently and it’s amazing! The thick formula melts down to an oil and is brilliant at dissolving makeup and giving skin a deep clean.

The Wondergloss Lip Oil is also worth checking out. It’s a very subtle formula that feels amazing on your lips and has a lovely honey scent.

Finally, the serums are all worth taking a look at. I’ve read some rave reviews of the Super Healthy Skin serum and I’ve been loving using the Superdrops High Intensity Hydration serum for the past couple of weeks.

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