Bluebella Carlotta lingerie set review

Bluebella Carlotta set

I haven’t bought a lingerie set in years. I have to admit, the main reasons for this are because I tend to find them uncomfortable to wear and expensive for how little wear I get out of them. So when a friend of mine recommended I check out Bluebella, and I spotted how affordable their sets are, I couldn’t resist making an order. As well as a basque, I treated myself to the Bluebella Carlotta bra and thong set. So, is it worth the money?

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Bluebella Carlotta rose dust bra

Is Bluebella true to size?

This was the main question I had when ordering. Buying your lingerie online means you don’t get the chance to try it on until you’ve parted with your cash and your order has arrived with you. I would say for the mesh pieces like the bra I’m wearing above, you should definitely size down. As you can see the material is a little bit gapey at the top (I’m tempted to pin it for a better fit). For the most structured bra, you’ll be fine in your regular size. The knickers also fit true to size, I ordered a size 10 and they fit like a dream and look great on.

Bluebella Carlotta bra review

Bluebella Carlotta bra

I initially spotted Sophie Milner wearing the Carlotta bra on her Instagram. So, I ordered it for myself and was not disappointed by how gorgeous it is. It’s a fairly comfy fit, and I find the dusty pink mesh with black detailing really pretty. My only critique would be the extra fabric at the top of the cups. I probably could have done with sizing down for a better fit. This bra is £34 which is a great price for such a pretty piece. You can find discount codes floating around so I’m sure you can get it for a slightly lower price than that.

Carlotta thong review

Carlotta thong

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with a pair of knickers, but here we are! This Carlotta thong is probably the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever worn. The doubled waistband is really flattering. You can place it however you want (personally, I like to wear one of them higher than the other to accentuate my waist a bit more). This thong is £14, so a bit pricey but worth it to have a full set with the bra. In total the set comes to £48, and I think it is 100% worth the money because it’s so pretty and wearable.

Bluebella lingerie review

Is Bluebella worth the money?

After wearing these pieces, and being impressed by the quality and design of each piece I would have to say yes! The pieces are 100% worth the price point, and as the Carlotta set is so wearable, I would count a set like this as a wardrobe essential. Look out for a discount code (they also sell on ASOS, who regularly do site wide discounts) and you’ll have a bargain on your hands with these sets. Just make sure you size down on the bras if you order anything that’s mainly mesh!

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