The best sunscreens for sensitive skin

SPF for sensitive skin

We all know we’re supposed to wear SPF daily (yes, even when it’s cloudy) but some formulas can irritate sensitive skin. Nobody wants to walk around with a tacky, gritty layer of SPF sitting on their face! I’ve been testing out some SPFs on the market (some of them were recommended by you) to find the best sunscreens for sensitive skin. Here’s a few that I found that are definitely worth investing in.

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best sunscreens for sensitive skin
Caudalie SPF 50

Caudalie anti-wrinkle face suncare SPF 50

A couple of you recommended I try this SPF, so of course I had to buy myself a tube to see what all of the fuss was about! The Caudalie anti-wrinkle SPF comes in a 50ml tube and has a really lovely formula. It’s a fairly think white cream, so I definitely felt like I was getting some proper sun protection!

My only *slight* critique is that this does take some working in to avoid a white cast. I have a light complexion, so it’s easy for me to work with, but if you have a darker skin tone this might be an issue for you.

This cream wore really well on my skin. Once it had sunk in I couldn’t feel it there at all and it didn’t irritate my skin at all! It’s great for sensitive skin that needs a high level of protection.

A 50ml tube is £18-19 but I’ve seen it on offer on a couple of beauty sites, so shop around to get the best price!

Supergoop! Unseen sunscreen

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF30

I stumbled across this gem on the Cult Beauty website. I have to be honest, I’ve fallen completely in love with it! It’s the easiest sunscreen I’ve used. The formula is a clear gel, similar to a makeup primer, and because of this it leaves no white cast.

Applying it is also really lovely, it’s super smooth and easily melts into the skin. I think the Unseen Sunscreen is great for a variety of skin tones and perfect for skin that is easily irritated.

It’s a bit pricey at £30 for 50ml, but 100% worth the price point to I had to include it in my sunscreens for sensitive skin round up!

Dermalogica invisible physical defence

Dermalogica invisible physical defence SPF 30

My final recommendation is a new launch from Dermalogica. A few of you recommended their SPFs, and I was not disappointed by the invisible physical defence! Similar to Caudalie, this is a thicker white cream.

Again, it does begin with a white cast, but I found it quickly disappeared with this one. Once I had applied it, my skin felt great and fully protected. This sits on your skin just like a regular moisturiser, so no irritation here.

This is the priciest of the three, at £49 for 50ml.

Personally, I would recommend going for Supergoop! The formula was my favourite of the three and there’s no risk of a white cast. I have normal (sensitive) skin, and it works great for me. If you have dry or oily skin I would suggest looking for recommendations from someone with a similar skin type to you to ensure you’re not disappointed.

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