JUSTICE Professional – the Australian haircare brand that will tame your frizz

JUSTICE Professional haircare

When it comes to haircare, I am really picky with what I include in my routine. The wrong product can leave me with a dry, frizzy mess or hair that feels like I’ve dunked it in an oil slick! So when I was sent some JUSTICE Professional styling products to test out I was interested to see what I would think. I was sent the Smooth & Groom Styler and Treatment Mask, and I have to say I am really impressed!

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JUSTICE Professional haircare
Smooth & Groom styler cream

Smooth & Groom styler

Styling products can really make or break my haircare routine. The right ones leave me with hydrated, defined curls and protect my hair when I use heat to style it. The wrong ones make my hair feel sticky, heavy or barely make an impact at all. Luckily, the JUSTICE Professional Smooth & Groom styler is one of the right ones!

This cream not only smells gorgeous (it reminds me a bit of Jaffa Cakes!) but sinks in beautifully when I apply it. If I leave my hair curly, my hair feels great and I’m frizz-free. When I’ve straightened my hair, the cream helps to keep it looking sleek.

They recommend using the cream daily, so that’s what I’ve been doing. So far, there’s no product buildup and my hair is really loving it!

Smooth & Groom is just £11.99 and well worth the price.

JUSTICE Professional treatment mask

Treatment mask

I use a hair mask pretty much every time I wash my hair. I find that they’re great for smoothing my hair and reducing the frizz I usually get. This treatment mask has a gorgeous floral salon scent, and is a thick cream. A little goes a long way, and I tend to apply it, brush it through my hair and then leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Using this has made a noticeable impact on how smooth and hydrated my hair feels, so I’m really impressed with that! The mask penetrates the hair cuticle and adds protein and moisture to the inner core of the hair, increasing strength and elasticity. It also includes Pro-Vitamin B5, teamed with hydrolysed soy protein to add strength and moisture to the hair. Jojoba oil in my mask also adds shine to dry hair and protects and revitalises coloured hair.

This mask is also £11.99 and definitely worth the purchase.