Finding the perfect polka dot dress

The polka dot dress

I honestly think a polka dot dress is an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only are they easy to style, but with so many different options in terms of sleeve style and length you can find something that really suits what’s already in your wardrobe.

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black polka dot dress
H&M hexagon sunglasses

Personally, I like to go for a classic black with white polka dots, but during the summer months I do switch it out for a white with black polka dots or even a pastel colour. From ASOS to Primark, you can find polka dot dresses for every budget online and in shops. So, whatever your style is, have a browse of your favourite websites to find one you love!

Styling a polka dot dress

When it comes to polka dot dresses, I like to go for more floaty numbers. The one I’m wearing above is from ASOS and has gorgeous balloon sleeves and an A-line cut. I especially love the ties on the sleeves which allows you to have them as tight as you want.

I’ve been wearing mine with a cute pair of cream espadrilles, some hexagonal sunglasses and a yellow shopper bag during the summer. In the winter I would layer this up with a cozy teddy coat, black tights and some knee high or ankle boots.

The cut of this dress is super flattering, and great for those of you who bloat like I do! I always wear cycling shorts with dresses like this, just to make sure I don’t flash people!

ASOS a-line dress
Obaku rose gold watch

How else can you wear polka dots?

There’s so many ways you can add polka dots to your wardrobe. Personally, I think they work best on dresses, skirts, blouses and hair accessories. I would go for smaller dots as I find they are the most flattering and look more modern. For blouses, you could also play with texture when it comes to polka dots. Why not wear something with dots that are indented into the fabric for a more subtle print?

Scrunchies can be a great way to wear polka dots without feeling like it’s taking over your whole outfit. They look super cute and are also great for adding something extra to a more casual outfit.

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