Rituals Happy Buddha collection review

Rituals Happy Buddha collection

I’ve been a fan of Rituals for a while now, especially their foaming shower gels. Everything they create has a hint of luxury, and their limited edition collections are always tempting. I’ve tried a variety of products, body care and home fragrance, from them in the past. One of the most popular collections is the Rituals Happy Buddha one. They kindly sent me a selection of products from this range, so I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you today.

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Ritual Happy Buddha collection review

The Happy Buddha scent

The Happy Buddha scent is based on the Chinese legend of The Laughing Buddha. The famous monk was said to bring joy wherever he went with his smile. Rubbing his belly has symbolised good luck and prosperity for many years. Therefore, the Rituals scent aims to provide a mood-boosting, uplifting feeling every time to smell it. Each product is infused with Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood. It’s a warm, comforting scent that lingers on the skin when you use the products in combination.

Rituals body care and home fragrance products

The scented candle

Firstly, I love the jar for this scented candle. It has a lovely quote on the side of it. ‘One beautiful fragrance can create many beautiful memories…’ The burn time for this is great – 50 hours. Typically this would take me a good month or so to burn through, but as I’m currently working from home (and burning candles all day) it will probably just last me a couple of weeks!

While it does smell amazing, the throw doesn’t fill the whole room – I really wish it did! It’s £19.90, so on the pricier side for candles. I probably wouldn’t repurchase for myself as I have TK Maxx candles will a stronger throw. That said, it does look pretty in my living room and definitely adds to the decor. I’ll keep hold of it for those reasons.

Rituals body care products

The foaming shower gel

I really love the formula of Rituals’ foaming shower gel. It’s really luxurious and leaves my skin feeling super soft every time I use it. A little definitely goes a long way with this one! I like to use this when my skin is in need of a pamper. The Happy Buddha scent also works really well for this formula because of how comforting it is. It’s £8.50, so a lot more than I would spend on a shower gel normally. But it’s worth the price tag because of how indulgent the formula is.

The body scrub

I love a good body scrub. Every time I use one my skin thanks me for the exfoliation. The formula of this body scrub is really luxurious and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised once I leave the shower. When I use it with the shower gel the scent really lingers for me. It’s just £14.90 for 250ml which is actually a great price for how luxe it feels.

The body cream

Ok I have to give a disclaimer. When it comes to body creams, I am definitely on the lazy side of things. I try to use them regularly, but often fall out of the habit. This one definitely gives me a reason to get back into the habit! The Rituals body cream is a really great formula. It sinks into the skin easily and hydrates my skin.

Using this alongside the other body products really locks in the scent for me. It’s such an indulgent routine, but something I love doing for a special occasion or event. This body cream is a bit pricey, it’s £18.50 for 220ml. That said, it really does last a long time so is worth it if you have a soft spot for indulgent, rich cream formulas.

Overall, I really love this collection, The products are of a great standard and all smell amazing. I would give the candle a skip, but the others are definitely worth investing in.

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