Sage green: the hot colour for Autumn

Sage green

You’ve seen it all over your Instagram feed recently, sage green is the hot colour right now. Since seeing everyone wear it, I’ve definitely been drawn into the trend. From maxi dresses to blazers, I’ve been tempted by every piece I’ve seen in this colour. So it’s no surprise a statement blouse and fitted blazer have made their way into my wardrobe! I’m sure I’ll be wearing them well into Autumn, and Spring (once that finally comes around next year).

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Sage green H&M blazer
green blazer with shorts summer outfit

The transitional blazer

I’m so glad I snapped this blazer up from H&M last weekend! The sage green colour is perfect for transitioning between summer and autumn. I also love the fit of this. It really emphasises my body shape and goes great paired with bodysuits and shorts or t-shirts and jeans. The sleeves are rolled up, which keeps it looking chic. I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot over the next few months with a variety of outfits.

statement Zara green blouse

The statement blouse

The great thing about this subtle colour is that it works really well with more statement pieces. As soon as I spotted this gorgeous sage green blouse on the Zara website, I just had to have it. Unfortunately it’s now sold out online, so I’m really glad I managed to get one for myself before they were gone! I love the organza sleeves on this blouse. It’s truly a statement piece and looks perfect paired with ripped jeans. I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot of Autumn. Hopefully to some events or dinner plans in the near future.

I’ll definitely be adding some more sage green pieces to my wardrobe in the future. I don’t think this trend will go anywhere soon, so make sure you get some in your wardrobe while you can!

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