Smashbox SuperFan mascara review

Smashbox SuperFan mascara

When it comes to mascaras, I am super picky. I like a formula that fans out my lashes, lengthens them and adds a bit of volume. Regardless of how much or little I spend, I find the results of mascaras can be very hit and miss. I’ve loved ones that cost me under £5 and absolutely hated others I spent over £20 on…When it comes to the Smashbox SuperFan mascara, I think it’s worth every penny. Yes, it’s on the pricier side but 100% worth it because the brush and formula are both amazing!

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Smashbox SuperFan mascara review
Smashbox SuperFan mascara red tube

The mascara formula

What can I say, they’ve absolutely nailed this. It doesn’t flake off or leave my lashes feeling crispy. Even with two coats my lashes feel soft and fluttery. In fact, I find when I build up this formula it looks a lot better and adds more length and volume to my lashes.

This doesn’t clump in my lashes at all. So many mascaras clump on me, I am really impressed that this one doesn’t at all! It’s quickly become my ‘go to’ mascara when I’m doing my makeup because the formula is so lovely and makes my lashes look amazing.

SuperFan mascara wand
Albertine applying the Smashbox SuperFan mascara

The mascara wand

This is what sometimes makes or breaks a good mascara for me. The right wand will distribute mascara through your lashes perfectly, leaving them looking voluminous and fluttery. The wrong wand will leave you with a clumpy mess that you regret applying.

Luckily the SuperFan mascara has exactly the right type of wand. It’s slim enough to grab every lash, and I find as it’s a rubbery plastic texture it’s easy to work the formula into every lash. Using this wand I can really lengthen and fan out my lashes. Every time I use it my lashes look perfect, and I rarely have to flake off mascara flecks from my eyelids or under my eyes!

This mascara is £18, so it is fairly pricey but I do believe it is 100% worth the money. I actually got mine for £10 in the Boots Tuesday sale, and I’ll definitely be re-purchasing when mine runs out – regardless of the price.

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