How to transform your living space with DESENIO prints

This post is a collaboration with DESENIO prints. All wall art was provided as PR samples.

DESENIO prints

I’ve been decorating my various rented spaces with DESENIO prints for a couple of years now. Their prints are not only gorgeous, but can instantly transform a rented space from lifeless to feeling like home. Not only that, but the lightweight frames and packaging the prints come with means they are easy to take with you wherever you move to. This autumn DESENIO let me pick out four new prints to decorate my new flat with.

DESENIO prints review

How do I know which DESENIO prints to choose?

Browsing the DESENIO website, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of prints that are available. From inspirational quotes to city landscapes, there really is a print for every taste. Luckily, DESENIO are on hand to help you choose the right ones for you! When I was choosing my prints I used their gallery wall feature to make sure the prints I chose complimented each other.

Paris print on living room wall

When creating your gallery wall you can filter for colour and print type. This is really useful as you can then select colours and print types that will compliment the colour scheme and decor of your living space. Personally, I selected creams, whites, blues and pinks to compliment the cushions and sofas in my living space. I also filtered for city landscapes, quotes and sketches. This made it really easy for me to find the perfect prints for my living space. As you’re choosing the prints for your space, you can also choose the frames for each to make sure they work with the prints.

prints above a fireplace

How much is each print?

Depending on the size of each print, the price varies. The same goes for the different frames they offer. The 30×40 prints typically cost around £12.95, the 50×70 prints cost around £23.95 and the 70×100 prints cost around £34.95. The frames cost between £14.95-37.95.

Birds Fly Away print

The four prints and frames I ordered came to just under £200. This is quite expensive, but they will last you for years and can easily be transported between rented spaces so are definitely worth the investment.

The prints I have in my living room are as follows: