Makeup Obsession Lip Crayons review

Makeup Obsession Lip Crayons

I love a good lip product, and when it comes to brands I really do love the majority of what Makeup Obsession produce. So when I saw they were launching a collection of lip crayons I could NOT wait to get my hands on them and try them for myself! I’ve been testing them over the past couple of weeks, and I have to admit while I love the formula, the shades are a bit hit and miss. Carrying on reading for my full review of the Makeup Obsession Lip Crayons...

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Makeup Obsession Lip Crayons review

The formula and colour payoff

Ok, let’s first talk about the formula and colour payoff of these. Each crayon is just £5, which is a really affordable price for how good the quality of them is. The formula of these crayons is creamy. They don’t drag as you apply them to your lips and really do stay put once you have! I would describe the texture as almost waxy, you really feel like the product is stuck to your lips and isn’t going to budge anytime soon. That said, you will need to reapply these after eating or drinking. They don’t come off easily, but after a full meal they have budged a bit. After wearing them all day, I find one reapply after lunchtime is all I need to keep me going.

The colour payoff for these is really great. Each of them is super pigmented and as you apply they don’t streak. After applying they don’t really budge or settle into the lines of your lips. You get an even, pigmented lip that stays put until you have a meal – really impressive! There are eight shades in the collection and they are as follows:

Crush – berry nude
Birthday – baby pink nude
Candy – soft pink nude
Dreamy – coral nude
Moon – pale nude
Lotus – peachy nude
Edit – mauve nude
Treat – dusky nude

Matchmaker lip crayon swatches
Top to bottom: Moon, Lotus, Treat, Candy, Dreamy, Birthday, Crush

Are they worth buying?

In short, my answer is yes. These lip crayons are definitely worth the £5 price point, and the super handy crayon design makes them easy to apply on the go. They also have a sharpener in the bottom of each crayon, and a twist up mechanism, so you can make sure you get the most out of each crayon.

lip crayon collection

The colours I would skip are Moon, Lotus and Birthday. Moon and Lotus are both way too light for me (especially Lotus, watch my video to see what I mean!) and Birthday is a super bright pink that just doesn’t work for my skin tone. Treat, Dreamy and Crush are my favourites. They’re really wearable and look great on – I’m sure I’ll wear them lots over the next year!

If you’re looking for a new affordable lipstick to add to your beauty collection then definitely give them a go. You can’t go wrong with a £5 price point and you just can’t beat the creamy, yet pigmented formula of these.

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