Seven products to help combat maskne

What is maskne?

Since March many of us have spent a considerable amount of time wearing masks as we go about our daily tasks. Whether you’re wearing yours all day, or just for a few hours at a time, masks can wreak havoc with our skin. Those breakouts you’re getting along your jawline and across your cheeks? Yeah, that’s maskne – acne caused by wearing a mask.

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products to combat maskne

How can we prevent maskne?

There’s lots of things we can do to prevent, or reduce the chances of developing, maskne. The most important thing is to change your mask regularly and disinfect them thoroughly. Change your mask daily, and soak it for 5-10 minutes in hot water and disinfectant at the end of the day.

Try to avoid wearing makeup, if you can. You’ll also need to stick to a skin calming and clearing routine. Use products that will keep your skin in healthy condition and you’ll greatly reduce your chances of suffering from maskne. Here’s seven products that have been working wonders for me…

Beauty Pie super healthy skin cleanser

Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Deep Purifying Cleanser – £7.67

You really can’t beat Beauty Pie’s pricing, especially as the products are such good quality! Quite a few of their products have made their way into my daily routine, and the Super Healthy Skin cleanser is one of them. The clay formula gives your skin a really deep clean, and leaves it feeling thoroughly cleansed but not squeaky or tight. I’ve been using this as my second cleanse in the evenings to absorb excess oil and purify my skin.

Beauty Pie Super Pore Detox Purifying Black Clay Mask – £8.49

After long hours of wearing a mask, using a clay mask 1-2 times a week can really help to detox your pores and keep those breakouts at bay. The Super Pore Detox mask is a triple threat that will leave your skin instantly feeling and looking better. It contains Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acids, Kaolin Clay, micro-buffing Bamboo and natural Liquorice and Eucalyptus. Apply this mask, and leave it on for 10 minutes before removing it gently with a damp flannel.

ARK Skin Perfector products

ARK Skin Perfector Triple Action Exfoliator – £35

I tend to stay away from exfoliators as I use acids regularly in my routine. But the ARK triple action exfoliator is just too good to not use when my skin is thrown off balance. It’s a skin-refining, oil-milk formula with physical, fruit acid and enzymatic action developed to gently eliminate impurities, without over-drying or uncomfortable tightness. The formula gently buffs away dead skin cells and leaves you with a smoother and more radiant complexion. I like to use this 1-2 times a week (instead of a mask) to keep my skin in its healthiest condition.

ARK Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque – £35

Another mask that is great at keeping my skin looking its best. The ARK hydration injection masque is an intensive vitamin-packed skincare mask that instantly hydrates the complexion. This is great for when your skin is looking a bit dull or lifeless after hours on end hidden behind a mask. I tend to use this as a mid-week boost and use it 1-2 times a week (depending on how much of a hydration hit I feel my skin needs).

ARK Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser – £35

When you’re skin is suffering from maskne, sticking to a simple moisturiser can be the best way to keep the spots at bay. If you’re using cleansers, masks, acids and serums to tackle the breakout then sticking to a gentle moisturiser is a great way to avoid overloading your skin with strong products. The ARK Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser is a lovely, rich formula that nourishes my skin. I use this in the evenings when my skin needs a bit more TLC after a long day in a mask.

Demalogica UltraCalming range

Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence – £39

I like to use a calming essence or toner when my skin is suffering from a breakout and a recent discovery of mine is the Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence. This is truly a holy grail product for calming your skin and dramatically reducing the appearance of redness. I use a bit of this every morning and evening, gently patting it into my skin until it is absorbed. Since using it I’ve noticed the redness on my chin go down significantly and my breakouts are definitely less noticeable.

Dermalogica Barrier Defence Booster – £67

A slightly pricier product, but this is great for adding to your moisturiser to prevent breakouts. I add 2-3 drops to my moisturiser in the morning. The Dermalogica Barrier Defence Booster targets redness and irritation to restore long-lasting comfort. It replenishes optimum levels of moisture and hydration, whilst supporting the skin’s natural barrier function to help defend against environmental aggressors that can lead to sensitivity. So perfect for preventing maskne!

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