Five sale shopping hacks to save you money

Sale shopping hacks

I love a good sale, and if I’m honest it’s now rare that I will buy something full price. There’s always a way to get some money off (especially with online retailers), and over the years I’ve developed some tips to help me get the most out of the sales. These sale shopping hacks will make finding a bargain enjoyable, and help you to avoid the Black Friday or Boxing Day panic shopping!

sale shopping hacks

Don’t just stick to online sales

When it comes to shopping the sales, it can be tempting to just grab your phone or laptop and browse the websites of your favourite retailers. But make sure you’ve visiting the physical shops as well! I often find items that are sold out online in the physical shops nearby, and I’ve also found items further discounted in shops compared to what they’re priced at online.

When you click onto a website to shop the sale, you have to remember that thousands of other shoppers are doing exactly the same, so by going to your local shops you’re often increasing your chances of finding what you want as you’re competing with fewer shoppers.

Visit multiple shops

Following on from my first tip, visiting multiple shops will increase your chances of finding what you want. Every shop has different stock, depending on what they think their customers are most likely to want or buy. During sale seasons visiting multiple shops can be a great way to increase the variation of stock you’re seeing. I especially find this true when I’m shopping in TK Maxx!

It’s also worth noting that most shops will be able to let you know which shops have stock of certain items. So, if you’ve got your eye on a specific item let them know the product code and they will be able to tell you where it’s in stock in your size. Some shops will even let you put items on hold, so you can travel there and make the purchase before someone else snaps it up.

Make use of the save function

This is a tip for online sale shopping, and it will really help you to save money on those items you’re lusting after! Make use of those save functions on the websites of retailers you frequently shop with. Set up an account for their app or website, and as you browse their new in section save (usually you can do this by tapping a heart on the item) EVERYTHING you like the look of.

Then, when a flash or seasonal sale hits you can go through your saved items and add everything you’re ready to purchase in just one click. This can be a great way to make sure you get everything you want before anyone else snaps it up! It also means you won’t lose track of any of your favourite items as stock is added daily to websites.

H&M white tunic

Look out for flash sales

It’s a good idea to get familiar with the flash sales your favourite retailers run. For example, I know that ASOS frequently run 20% off flash sales, and knowing when these are going to pop up means I can save a bunch of items I’m interested in and then check out once a sale hits.

Flash sales are a great way to get some ‘new in’ pieces at a significant discount, rather than waiting for the end of season bits that just haven’t sold.

Sign up to brand newsletters

I know they can be a pain in the arse when they’re clogging up your inbox, but brand newsletters can be useful for one thing – sale notifications. They’ll pop into your inbox as soon as a sale hits, and it will get you familiar with their flash sale patterns.

This can, again, be great for making sure you’re only buying when there’s a discount on offer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my sale shopping hacks. Let me know your best tips in the comments!

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