Indeed Labs Hydraluron Skincare Review

Indeed Labs Hydraluron skincare range

When the Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture serum first launched, I remember how quickly it gained cult status. It was the first time products formulated with proven, results-driven actives were made accessible for the general public and we all understandably went wild for them.

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Indeed Labs Hydraluron review

The Indeed Labs product range has expanded greatly since then, and we now have a whole range of Hydraluron skincare products to shop for our hyaluronic acid needs.

I’ve been testing these products out for the past month, so I thought I would share my thoughts on each and let you know if I think they are worth investing in.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture serum

Hydraluron moisture serum, £24.99

Probably the most famous of the Indeed Labs Hydraluron products, their moisture serum reached cult status quickly because of its inclusion of plumping and dew-boosting hyaluronic acid. The serum has a silky, lightweight feel that instantly smooths your skin.

I really love using this serum, but due to the texture it doesn’t sit well under a few of my moisturisers, so I save it to use in the evenings when I have more time to spare between each step of my skincare routine.

The serum is a bit pricey at £24.99, but well worth it for how good it is at boosting hydration and plumping your skin.

Hydraluron moisture jelly, £24.99

If you’re a fan of gel formulas, you’re going to LOVE this moisture jelly! It just glides onto your skin and I love using it in the evenings when my skin is in dire need of a moisture boost. The jelly contains hyaluronic acid and Indeed Labs’ PatchH20 technology to combat dullness, dehydration and dryness.

When I use this jelly regularly I notice that my skin is smoother and more hydrated. I love that it sinks into my skin quickly, without leaving it feeling tight as well.

For £24.99 I think this is a bargain, especially as it would last you a good few months.

Hydraluron moisture mist

Hydraluron Moisture Mist, £24.99

Moisture mists are a great product to use in your daily skincare routine. I like to use mine after using an acid and before applying my serums and moisturiser. The Indeed Labs Hydraluron moisture mist is very fine and gently covers your skin with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

This mist is great providing lasting moisture and plumpness. What I love most is just how light and gentle the mist is. It makes it impossible to overdo and it quickly settles on your skin. This means you can quickly move onto your next skincare step after using it.

This mist is £24.99 which is really expensive for a mist, but it feels worth it because it is one of the better ones that I’ve used.

Hydraluron Volumising Lip Treatment, £14.99

I’m picky when it comes to my lip balms, and the Hydraluron volumising lip treatment has quickly become one of my favourites. The gel formula melts into my lips and feels really lightweight on.

I’ve been using this morning and night most days and will definitely be getting myself a new tube when it runs out. As it will last a few months, I think the £14.99 price tag is well worth it, especially because of how slim the tube is.

Overall, I have been really impressed with the Indeed Labs Hydraluron skincare range, and would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re also a big Hyaluronic acid fan! They’ve all made their way into my regular skincare routine and I’ll be buying replacements when they run out.