Five ways to decorate your rented bedroom on a budget

Decorating your rented bedroom

When it comes to rented spaces, you can feel quite limited in what you can do. As you’re unlikely to be in the space long-term, you’re probably also not going to want to spend lots of money making it your own. I’ve been renting in London for nearly five years now. Here’s how I make the spaces I’m staying in feel like home without breaking the bank:

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Poster Store wall art

Decide on your colour palette

If you can, make sure the space you are renting is as neutral as possible. White walls and cream carpets or wooden floorboards are the best as it will leave the space as a blank canvas for you to leave your mark on. With the empty space in mind, you should decide on your colour palette before buying anything to decorate it with. Personally, I like to stick to neutrals. Natural, soft hues and the occasional dark charcoal greys and blacks for a luxury feel. 

You could even create a pinterest board for your space, so you can collect some inspiration in one place. That way you can buy things similar to what you’ve pinned and ensure you’re sticking to your colour palette. 

Invest in some wall art

Wall art is a really simple way to add some personality to your space. I’ve decorated my bedroom with some gorgeous wall art from the Poster Store. Their website makes it easy to find gorgeous prints for whatever your tastes are – from beautiful nature posters to inspiring typographic posters. With your colour palette in mind, you can easily find the right illustrations, quotes or prints for your space and quickly make it feel like home. 

Two to three prints are enough to decorate a small bedroom, and brighten up the space. You can actually get an amazing 35% off their posters from 1-20th December 2020 (excluding ‘Selection’ posters and frames) with the code albertinesarah35, so move fast! 

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Poster Store prints

Pick neutral bedding 

It can be tempting to opt for colourful bedding, but I personally find that the plainer I go the more expensive it looks and feels. I always choose white bedding, and then dress my bed with some decorative pillows and a throw to make it feel a bit more cosy. Bedding doesn’t have to be expensive, Dunelm and Primark have some great options, so can be an affordable way to make your bedroom instantly feel more premium and like home. 

A cosy throw is a must, especially in the colder months! They’re great for draping over the end of your bed and you’ll appreciate having one during winter when you want to snuggle up on the sofa to watch films. 

Choose a signature scent

Another affordable way to quickly make your space feel like home is with a signature scent. Again, this doesn’t have to be anything too expensive and Revolution Beauty have even launched home fragrances and candles recently!

If you can, try to have a candle and room fragrance in the same scent. Spritz the fragrance on your bedding and cushions, and light the candle every evening to fill your room with a fragrance that instantly makes you feel like you’re at home and relaxed. 

Poster Store female line art poster

Find timeless statement pieces

Whether it’s a mirror you can hang from the wall or a vase, statement home decor pieces can be a quick and easy way to make your space feel like home. You really don’t have to break the bank for these either! H&M and Zara home always have amazing statement pieces in that are really affordable and will stay in style for years to come. 

Stick to neutrals for something that will truly stand the test of time, and pick just a few pieces that complement each other so you don’t feel like you’re space is mismatched. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my tips. Make sure you take advantage of the 35% off the Poster Store posters from 1-20th December 2020 with my code albertinesarah35!